Summer Holiday Memories

I Woke this morning to bright sunshine flowing through my curtains.
Outside there was an old familiar sound which brought back childhood memories.

I jumped out of bed, for some reason feeling extra bright and happy.
Popped the kettle on and turned on my computer. Today is going to be a wonderful day, I could just feel it.

Mmmm… this morning I will sit out in the backyard in the sunshine, sip my tea and take in the warm sun on my skin, listening to that old familiar sound. A gentle breeze played with my hair as I took a deep breath of the fresh spring air. Two weeks and summer will be here!

Have you guessed what the familiar sound was? Cicadas!!!! Yes the wonderful sound of cicadas! They always seemed to be there every summer when I was a child. Didn’t seem to notice them much as I grew older.

I found out some years later that they come and go in cycles of 7 years. But the memories as a child, playing in the back yard under the sprinkler, the sound of the music as the ice-cream van came closer to our street. Running and begging our Mum for some coins to buy our favourite ice-cream. Caramel is my favourite, still is!!

Going to the beach most week-ends, the big salad rolls Mum used to make at lunch time. They were so big we could hardly fit them in our mouths. LOL! We would sit on our beach towels under the big Hoop Pine trees that stood tall in the park alongside the beach. And the cicadas were so loud sometimes we had to shout to be heard!

When the sun started to go down, we would shower and change. Then it was off to the rock pool with Dad and our battery operated little boats. Sometimes Dad would have to wade in to the middle of the pool when the batteries died.

We would leave for home after dark so as not to get caught in the traffic. I remember always fallng asleep on the back seat. The gentle humming of the car and my parents familiar voices quite often sent us to sleep. Sometimes, if Mum couldn’t wake us our Dad would have to carry us up the stairs and into bed.

All these memories, just from the sound of cicadas!

Now my children have grown into adults, and are starting families of their own. The cycle begins again, with a new generation and more wonderful memories in the making!

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