URBAN GRUNGE as ART - using Macro Photography

I’ve just put together a new video on youtube with a collection of various macro photos from my portfolio.

It never ceases to amaze me what one can find when just walking around the local streets both in the suburbs and the cities. Looking for lines, colours, textures and shapes as a promise of something special that warrants a closer look.

Its always exciting being out and about on one of my “Treasure Hunts”. You never know what you’ll find. Its really like an adventure and its just as exciting coming home to upload them on to my computer to view.

The next stage of processing the images is always fun, the posting and sharing to my Art Portfolios. The titles are very important too, coming up with something that describes what I see with my eye. Sometimes its easy, other times images will sit in folder for weeks as I can’t think of the perfect title. But it comes eventually and its almost as important as the image itself.

I thought I might start teaching “Macro Photography as Urban Art” classes locally. How to find the hidden art, where to look etc So if anyone local is interested, LET ME KNOW!

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