Just to say thanks......

Thankyou to the hosts for featuring my Enigma 1 in the Abstract Art group. If you haven’t discovered this awesome group, please check it out. Some really beautiful art work going on there.

It’s alway an honour to be featured in a group. Just when things seem to be going a little slow and I wonder what on earth I am doing……….one of my works will be featured, or there’s a sale and “Whoosh” a big lift to kick-start me off and running again, inspiration on full-throttle and out the door camera in hand, off on a new treasure hunt to see what I can find. LOL!!!!

Not to forget all the wonderful feedback and comments from all my beautiful friends here. It’s your on-going encouragement and support that feeds my spirit and really makes it all worthwhile! So a big Thankyou to everyone at Red Bubble for this, my enjoyment of sharing what I see with you, is my daily bread! LOL!

Oh… and tonights the exhibition. I dropped off my artwork yesterday…there’s some really awesome artists exhibiting. My work seems so small in a big sea of art. LOL! I have my business cards with my Red Bubble website address, so hopefully, lots of people will come and visit my page and perhaps join RB as well.

hugs Kathie

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