Please help me choose!

I am thinking of entering a local art exhibition, its going to be really big, representing local artists from different mediums from the Gold Coast region. If my work is accepted this will be my first participation in an exhibition.

I would love you all to help me choose three photographs from my portfolio. I have placed my favourites here I would like three photos that represent a cross section of my work.

Either two rockscapes and one barkscape, or two barkscapes and one rockscape, no flowers! I need to submit the three photos on CD by the 30th June for selection.

My budget is tight (isn’t everyones, lol) so I can only print them in an A4 size (11″ × 8″). I have some old larger timber frames which I can use and then buy a matt for each to complement the photo.

Do you think the size is a problem, or should I wait perhaps until I can afford to have them printed and framed in a larger size for next years exhibition?

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