Elephantine Error Message

I know that there is very little of me relfected here on RedBubble and as a newbie who has had a couple of months to climatize myself, I have been feeling somewhat irresponsible for traipsing through the creative minds of the rest of you without having offered up anything of myself. I have been re-working a piece during those months and was ready to post it this past Thursday. I haven’t been able to do so, I’ve been struck down on the wrong side of a very persistent error blockade. No longer just an error ‘message’, it has morphed into an enormous impediment….a straight-faced monolithic barricade that has spawned dozens of elephantine barricades just as impassive as the one before!! Days worth of attempts to post my writing have been met with a message indicating the Extract box exceeded 200 characters. In actuality it did not. But this particular error blockade had apparently met someone it liked and was loath to let go!
I am very anxious to give this piece to you, I have been working on it since 2002 and finally feel that it is ready to be set free. If I am fortunate enough that there are some of you who may actually be interested in what I write (special shout out here to my three watchees!) now may be a good time to let you know a little something about my ‘process’. In the interest of full-disclosure the descriptor I would use for this process is ‘slow’…it seems that work is produced at a frantic rate on RedBubble, both visual and written. I won’t be able to keep up the pace. I’m quite meticulous and do a lot of revision, but the bulk of that revision is only done after I have left the writing for a period of time. Sometimes, in fact, I leave and come back to the writing for several periods of time before I’m happy with the end result. I usually have several projects on the go at the same time so hopefully the droughts between postings won’t be too long. Who knows…perhaps RedBubble will teach me that a thing is worth while whether it has two commas or three.
But first I must slay the army of error blockade that stand in my way……….

Peace ,

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