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I am a Colorado native,a freelance photographer and owner of KatagramStudios, a small, one person photography studio. From the tallest...

To my great surprise...

Nope, no Feature this time, and that is ok, because I got something so much better than a Feature today, and I wanted to share it with you.
I got a B-mail from a gentleman today giving me the most AMAZING complement. He said..“My wife and I were discussing how much your work has changed over the past couple of weeks even. You are expanding so rapidly, photos like “Dry Stars” are now beneath your current abilities.”.
I cherish this man’s opinion and I wanted to publicly thank him with all of my heart.

And I wanted to thank you all here in RB, for your friendship, your kindness, your pushing me to do better, and giving the chance to see the most amazing work with out leaving my home.

John , You and your Wife are wonderful people, and if we had more of you, and all the rest here at RB, in this World..we would be living in Paradise, but until that happens, we live vicariously in Red Bubble and through each others eyes..
ok, off the Soap Box…

ps..if this ends up not being approved on any group I have posted, that is ok, because I know John knows he means the World to me !!!

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