Photography and other Sales

2016 was a fantastic year and I want to say thank you to my many customers all over the globe – both new customers and those who keep coming back:-) Your faith in me and my work knocks me out again and again! I was amazed to sell not only photographic prints but fashion and other products too!

Thank you to all my Redbubble buddies and co-hosts for your support – you are the tops!

And thank you to the Redbubble Team – delivering excellent products, extending the portfolio and providing Support.

My first 2017 sales made me speechless – and that doesn’t happen often… and they are all photography!

A US customer bought the following prints today – knocked out, thank you!

An extra-large metal print winged its way to a client in Canada – awesome, thank you!

I was also thrilled to sell a sticker of this sign in San Francisco! Thank you.

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