Diverse Sales - Thank you!

Knocked out by the diversity of recent sales.

A very special thanks to the kind lady in the UK who not only bought this poster but also took the time to send me a message – so much appreciated!!

This is one of my personal favourite images. It has also achieved exactly 100 comments and been featured 7 times in RB:-) I’m especially thrilled that someone’s heart was touched enough to buy it!

More special thanks to a wonderful friend who has continously encouraged me over many years and recently bought a range of products, to my niece who originally encouraged me to take this shot and to my numerous anonymous clients who have bought a diverse range of products

Finally, a big thank you and cheers to the person who bought of a tote bag of my “Classy Margarita” and to all my clients so far this year especially where I’ve not been able to call out individually over the months!

And a big thank you to RB and all my friends here for your endless support!


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