The Divorce (R.I.P., yesterday-2007)

The Divorce, The Gifted Program, 2006 Made in Mexico Records

The Divorce’s encore album “The Gifted Program” is a confident creation that strays from emo influences and streams pure rock + roll.

There are a couple key elements to The Gifted Program that illustrate the group’s maturity and aid in establishing an undeniably identifiable “divorce” sound rather than trailing other manufactured, pro-pop jingles. Although there is still the slightest hint of blithe—signaled by bizarre lyrics that are dually peculiar and ingenious—Shane’s attractive vocal fashion is less processed in comparison to their previous album and appreciatively clear and comprehensible—yes, I sing along.

The quality and creativity of the album is incredible assuming their youthfulness as a group—gathering in 2001 they have crafted infectious music that is a staple to the Seattle stage. The Gifted Program flaunts a solid and hearty harmony—brimming with a more growling guitar and authoritative bass line. While 2003’s release of the prima-donna disk—There Will Be Blood Tonight—was able to uplift my high school years—The Gifted Program resonates well-seasoned sophistication. If you didn’t like The Divorce before—you will now.

These four young men have dressed an impressive and infatuating album—as if I haven’t said it enough—The Gifted Program is rock and roll gold.

Review: Karoline Anderson

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