Sneak Preview NEW Christmas Card Angels Set of 6 by Karin Taylor

ta-daaaaa!!!!! I hopes you’re all having a lovely Sunday, it’s wet and rainy here today! Big thunderstorms! I wanted to share these cuties with you, I worked on these til about 3.30am, soo sleepy now….but it was worth it….to come up with this cute set of 6 Christmas Cards, by Karin….these little Christmas angels will be available from my online store soon (tomorrow) – avail as prints and cards – I will post here when they’re ready! I hope you like them :)

The inspiration came as the result of not being able to find a nice set of Christmas cards yesterday in Woolies…so I decided to make some myself xx…

PS I think that although these make lovely Christmas Cards, they would also be a sweet addition to a children’s nursery or rumpus room or a sweet welcome for a new baby, or christening, namin


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photo of me in my studio

Just a share of a photo taken of me in my studio a couple of days ago, it’s such a lovely space to work in, as some of you know i spend a lot of time in a little scrunched up ball on the bed drawing (not in my studio) because that’s just how it works for me. …lol however all the messy stuff and a lot of the PC work on Photoshop, laying out on the floor ideas and concepts and on the big desk/cupboardy things behind where I’m standing is done out here. The shed as I call it, is a double garage and was purpose built for me especially. A lot of hard work and help from family came into it, which showed me how much they believed/believe in me as an artist…I was not the one who requested the space, because I have always been happiest causing the least amount of ruction possible and remaining

NEW Panda Bear design t-shirts, stickers, etc


It’s time to get your ‘panda’ on!

I hope you like my new Panda Bear design, he’s a cutie! It’s available now as a sticker, on kids and baby wear (t-shirts/onesies/long/short sl) and adults, mens, womens (t-shirts, hoodies, 3/4 baseball sleeves, long sleeved tees, zippered hoodies, organic tees, etc)

Click here to find out more and see all the product previews of this design!

Have a great day! …and don’t forget to get your Panda on!!

Karin :)

Christmas Cards & T-Shirts

A Christmas Wish Christmas card collection in a range of colours and sizes, greeting cards, postcards, wall art, posters, framed prints, matted prints, canvas prints, mounted and loose prints available here

A Christmas Wish clothing range by Karin Taylor available here The range includes t-shirts, hoodies, adults/kids/baby in large range of styles and sizes for summer/winter and everything in between

The poem that appears on all the products is an original piece written by Karin and goes like this:

A Christmas Wish

A star to light your way
A tree to help you breathe
A heart to help you live

a poem written by Karin Taylor

new embroidered elephant t shirts and stickers

aloha, I’ve been busy making a new range of handdrawn designs that look a bit like they’re embroidered, for tshirts, kids clothes and as stickers, there are four colours in the range, see below:

red embroidered elephant t shirts, kids clothes and stickers click here

grey embroidered elephant t shirts, kids clothes and stickers click here

blue embroidered elephant t shirts, kids clothes and stickers click here

black embroidered elephant t shirts, kids clothes and stickers click here

2013 Calendars available now

2013 Calendars – now available

I have many Calendars available now for 2013 (there are 39 to choose from) full of lots of beautiful art prints, print quality is lovely and there is one print per month, which can be framed as art afterwards, these make lovely gifts for Christmas and birthdays.  They can be ordered now via my online print shop at redbubble, where they have a money back guarantee, please click here to see the full range of my calendars now available, or you are welcome to choose 13 images from my  "art portfolio":  on redbubble and contact me for a custom calendar via my email

written works & sales thanks

aloha, ever since the new system began on RB my written works have not been all that easy to find, not even for me, so today I found them and put them in categories which can be seen from my Profile Page

It’s so nice to have them all neatly stashed away in one spot for easy access.

Big thanks to RB today too, for featuring my work Little Flower Owl in their journal Poster Art for Kids and to my friend Adam Bogusz for letting me know about the feature

Also a big thank you to the lovely folks who purchased a few of my art prints and products today!

The sales included:

Tattoo Elephant sticker
May the Sun Always Shine x2 Photographic Prints
Topiary Teapot greeting card
Inner Peace x2 Photographic Prints
Vintage Geisha greeting card

my jewellery

Update I no longer have jewellery for sale on etsy, there are a few pieces (necklaces and watches) over at my zazzle store here


here is a collage of my jewellery (prints of my art, paintings and drawings on pendants and earrings) available @ Fa’s etsy store click here (Fa’s designs are also available there too)

If you’d like to view my full online art portfolio and prints on products, including tshirts, hoodies, stickers, organic tees, kids clothes, framed prints, canvas prints, posters, greeting cards, postcards, matted prints, mounted prints, loose photographic prints (to frame yourself) you are just a click away

16 sales today

aloha …

and many thanks to the someones who purchase 16 cards and stickers today. They are shown below as a collage. Please contact me if you are interested in any of the ones below so I can share the link to the artwork with you via bubblemail or email

To view my full online art and print on demand/print product portfolio please click here and thank you so much for reading my journal.

Kindest regards,

Geisha and the Peacock Video

Geisha and the Peacock by Karin Taylor see timelapse video below

Geisha and the Peacock (time lapse video of latest painting) not yet uploaded to RB, probably will upload tomorrow and it will be available then as cards, prints and possibly tshirts, kids tshirts and baby onesies. For now, I just wanted to share the little video I made of my process. This little drawing took me around 5 hours to produce and complete on the iPad in Procreate drawing/painting app. I hope you enjoy it :)

you matter

In my room are many things I treasure, my books like Managerie Manor
and The Girl of the Sea of Cortez, The Hobbit sits crookedly on my shelf
as Keats sits silently and almost reverently waiting for another viewing
of his well worn pages…..Doctor Dolittle’s Omnibus waits patiently too,
and I look at the titles before the lids of my eyes close shut and let sleep
in. I see the words “Things We Love” and I realise they are just ‘things’
not people. Yet how we pour out our affection on inanimate objects that
cannot hear, feel, respond. I love “bread alone” as the story always
reminds me that the simple things in life are truly the best, like baking
bread. I remember the book I read about Heidi and what they ate, slabs
of cheese and a crust of bread, washed down with goats milk and my
mouth watered…

Interview Part 5


Here is Day 5 of my interview with Kay Patterson in which she asks me

Who is Isabella? Is Tiny hurt? Does she live where you have pictured her or is she just passing by and having a cuddle? Or is the point for us to wonder and imagine?

Please click here to read Part

In the first Part of the interview Kay asks Do you actively and consciously practise approaching similar themes from many directions or is this something that occurs if you are so proliferous in your creativity?

On day 2 of our interview Kay asks Do you think the style you have developed, although on the surface in subject and illustrative style is rather cutesy, has inside the steel core of your own hard work? To put it bluntly, do you think it is your own determination, sometimes even

I've won an Award today!

aloha…..I’d like to thank Frannie and Elizabeth and everyone who helps Frannie in SoJie 19 for my Award today, which is an unusual award in recognition of amazing tablet and penwomanship so I am deeply grateful and pretty chuffed. The details about the art work that won me this great award, are below. Oh and I almost forgot in my excitement to congratulate all the other participants and winners of awards who without you, this would not have been the fun it was, nor would it have been nearly as inspirational and challenging! So thank you everyone!!

…in recognition of amazing tablet
and -penmanship- penwomanship!

seaside holiday
by Karin Taylor

Digital Art

Digital Drawing of Girl

Inspired by the following reference image,
under written agreement with the photographer:

See Ya…
by DeeZ

  • Th

What's hairspray got to do with it?

Well, I wish I was like hairspray…….long lasting hold, with flexibility great traits to have! On the can it says, it’s strong and styling… has the ability to hold fast, and still care….mine is maximum strength as my hair has a mind of it’s own and really needs taming. A bit like my spirit.…

Over time, it has become clearer that being an artist isn’t always a dreamy prospect, with it comes the ‘business’ side of things, which not many of us want a lot to do with. It is the harsh reality of life tho, as much as we daydream and love our craft, we have to face sometimes, the cold light of day. The sometimes harsh criticism we face, not in the form of tongue lashings, although sometimes we even do that to ourselves….but just in realising one cannot always be available and giving and do

Project Isabella - Karin Taylor Interview Part 1 by Kay Patterson

Hellu, Hulloo, Aloha and Mahalo in advance (thank you) for reading my journal!…

Project Isabella – Part One: Interview with Karin Taylor by Kay Patterson

It is with great excitement that I wanted to share with you, that I get to be interviewed by Kay Patterson. Kay is (in her own words) a blogging, computer graphic art doer, writer dabbler and a confessed geek who develops websites, who lives in North Yorkshire UK.

This all started with the name of “Isabella” and has been dubbed “Project Isabella” a project Kay started, as she became very interested in all things “Isabella” and I just happened to pop up in her google search I guess, with one of my art works called “Tiny and Isabella” and this is what led to the interview process, which is happening over 4 or 5 days on her blog. I hope so

My work has been nominated for SoJie 19!


seaside holiday
by Karin Taylor


Join me at the Juried Invitational Exhibition…

I am very excited to have my art selected to exhibit in SoJie 19. SoJie 19 takes its name from the first letters of Solo’s Juried Invitational Exhibition. 91 other artists, besides myself, have human figurative art or photography in the show.

Winners of the invitational will be announced on October 2nd, when a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, in addition to special judges’ awards, will be awarded in three categories: digital art, photography, and traditional art.

Non members, as well as members, ARE welcome to view all of the work nominated. So I hope that you will click the show banner, above, and follow the link to view my fellow exhibitors. The works are shown “gallery

empathic robots

so fascinating are these robots that respond with empathy, I love people thinking outside the square, looking beyond today, towards the future with hope, new ideas….brilliance with technology… of course, I don’t know the implications, but a positive step surely…

recent sales

aloha, many thanks to the folks who bought the following products with my art printed on them:

I’m so grateful. If you’d like to see those products or other products, simply click on the links below;

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news, sales, new works

aloha and mahalo for visiting!…

Thank you to my customers who recently purchased a hoodie of Shaka Sign and a sticker of Tattoo Elephant

Shaka Sign some products in the range, incl ipod and iphone cases in black and white and childrens wear, etc

Tattoo Elephant some products in the range incl ipod and iphone cases and chldrens wear, hoodies, et

Some NEW “acronym” tshirts and “Little Black Cloud” available here

My latest photography uploads from yesterday, available in a variety of prints and cards, see links below:

Thank you for visiting today, you are welcome always to contact me or via bubblemail here on Redbubble.

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Sold Kokeshi iPhone case

aloha and mahalo (thank you!)

I am so happy to receive a sales notification of my first Kokeshi iPhone iPod case

To view all my iPhone cases please click here I have just added 21 new designs.

some other iPhone iPad cases in my portfolio of designs on products

To see my full online portfolio of products, prints, clothing, paintings, cards, posters, hoodies, tshirts, stickers, etc, please click here

News and Sales


I’ve just created a new painting today called “Bird and Bride” (it was called “here comes the bride” but I’ve since changed it) and I created this really quick little video to show you my process. It promise it won’t take long. I hope you enjoy it!


“Bird and Bride” was created in Procreate iPad app on the iPad with a stylus/pen. It’s a digital painting that took approximately 4 hours, there was no pencil drawing, this just came from my imagination. At first she was going to be a geisha, or wearing a kimono, I had to go with the flow of inspiration, and it took me in quite a different direction lol.

I’ll be uploading “Bird and Bride” to redbubble soon (later today, in the next hour or so) and it will be available as cards and prints. I think it might be nice as a bridal

Sale of Little Owl

a l o h a

  • Big big thanks to the kindly someone who just bought a Large Photographic print of Little Owl I’m most grateful!

Little Owl

  • Little Owl product range (matted, mounted, canvas, framed, posters, loose photographic prints, greeting cards and postcards) below:

  • To check out my full range of owls and bird art and paintings click here
  • You are welcome to check out my full portfolio of art and art products featuring 2013 calendars, elephants, dolphins, whales, big eyed girls, meditation, wellbeing, cute characters (animals and humans), geisha girls, clothing range (tshirts, hoodies, kids wear, babies clothes, stickers, iPhone and iPod cases….etc) click here

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NEW iPhone and iPod cases PLUS sales


here are the brand NEW iPhone and iPod cases I’ve created today!

There are also another 7 NEW iPhone Cases I’ve created and uploaded today (see below) and now available in time for Christmas!

See all my iPhone cases here including the NEW ones!

many thanks to the lovely buyers of:


aloha….here’s all my news!…

There are 7 NEW iPhone Cases I’ve created and uploaded today (see below) and now available in time for Christmas!

See all my iPhone cases here including the NEW ones!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Today I SOLD 3 Greeting Cards as follows) and with many thanks to those who purchased them:

In order of appearance:

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Here are my NEW Photography uploads today please click here to see all my photography

In order of appearance:

iPhone & Sticker Sales

Aloha, big thanks to someone for purchasing one of my iPhone cases today of Vintage Elephant

To see all of my iPhone Cases click here

In the next few weeks I will be working on adding more designs to my iPhone range.

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I also sold a sticker today of Tattoo Elephant which is also available as a tshirt, hoodie, kids clothes, baby wear, 3/4 sleeve baseball shirt, long sleeved tshirt, as well as cards and prints

To see more of my tshirts, hoodies, kids clothes, baby wear, 3/4 sleeve baseball shirts, long sleeved shirts, etc, click here

Hand Painted Wooden Bead Earrings

Update if you are interested my art jewellery, I still havenecklaces and watches through my Zazzle store here

Today I received this wonderful surprise in the mail from my great friend and bro Jef Braund aka raindogs from redbubble.  Jef is painting beautiful wooden beads in a lovely tribal style uniquely his own.  I’m sorry my pics don’t do his work justice.  But if you go to the link I provide you can see his beautiful handiwork in his Facebook Album and/or here at redbubble

Ps The ones I am wearing are the three with hooks (the first and second small images below my big head lol ;)

iPhone & iPod Cases

Above are my designs so far, for iPhone and iPod cases, more to follow…please click here to see all my cases and grab some more details!

Currently these designs are available for the following:

  • iPhone 4S/4 Deflector
  • iPhone 4S/4 Capsule
  • iPhone 3GS Capsule
  • iPod Touch 4G Capsule

I hope to be creating LOTS more iPhone and iPod cases in the coming week or two, please let me know if there is a particular design you’d like or think might look great and I’ll let you know if it’s possible :)

newsletter with pictures


Some of my most recent paintings above, to see more or view my artist profile and art portfolio in full, please click here

I posted this journal late last night without having added links and images, so I am just reposting with all the relevant details (plus it looks much prettier now lol)

To view my elephant designs on prints, cards, stickers, t-shirts and hoodies click here

Isn’t it great we have so many different products now on Redbubble. They say variety is the spice of life, and so it is. It’s been ages since I wrote about sales or did any kind of newsletter, so I thought it was high time. So, so far, this month I’ve sold 25 pieces, in a range products, including iPhone cases, photographic prints, tshirts, stickers and greeting cards. The elephant stickers really do sell

News and Sales


To view my elephant designs on prints, cards, stickers, t-shirts and hoodies click here

Isn’t it great we have so many different products now on Redbubble. They say variety is the spice of life, and so it is. It’s been ages since I wrote about sales or did any kind of newsletter, so I thought it was high time. So, so far, this month I’ve sold 25 pieces, in a range products, including iPhone cases, photographic prints, tshirts, stickers and greeting cards. The elephant stickers really do sell well, which is great, but it’s also nice to see my other designs like Kokeshi , Three Little Night Owls , Little Love Bird , Shaka sign and Little Green Teapot and Smile Baby Photographer designs are still popular choices. I was thrilled to also sell a greeting card of I painted a cloud s

video of my painting of seaside holiday

Check out this video on YouTube which shows the progression of my digital painting of a little girl.  I used as a reference, a photograph DeeZ called “See Ya” which I then superimposed over another photo I took of the Bay near where I live, the finished work is titled “Seaside Holiday”.  More information and/or cards and prints available at the link provided below:…


Here’s the link to Seaside Holiday at online print shop and art portfolio with more info/cards/prints click here#

Here’s the original reference photograph I used by DeeZ:

∗See Ya…∗
by DeeZ

Below is the now finished piece Seaside Holiday which is a merging of my digital painting of the little girl, with a photograph I took of a nearby Bay

And here is the photograph of the Bay of Dreams prior to flipping it horizontally

Video of my painting "Wonder"

Here is the making of “Wonder” in a video:

There is a spiderweb in the painting, can you see it?

For more information about ‘Wonder’ and/or cards and prints click here

Wonder by Karin Taylor and Wonder II (another version of Wonder, with a bleach bypass filter, which brings out more detail including the spiderweb which is a little more difficult to see in the original version)

Happy Sunday! ...just checking in...

Hi everyone,…

Well, I’m on my first cuppa for the day of Sunday, woke at 6:30am today (unusual to say the least) because I couldn’t get the idea of capturing dew on some blades of grass out of my head…so even b4 my morning cuppa, I am out in the wet grass in my pj’s…..I found a dead dandelion who I was reverently photographing, when along came a very “fortituous fly”, who “fly-bombed” the dead dandelion…we had a tete-a-tete and now it’s time for some well earned coffee beans.

Last night we hit the cinema for Storm Surfers in 3D and enjoyed clouds of spray, storms and the most enormous waves and gutsy athletic surfers we’ve ever seen, Tom Carroll, you’re an Aussie legend mate! I have always loved him, but it was great to see him still going strong at 50 and working through issues. What a gr

Human Figure Workshop

Aloha, I thought I’d share my digital painting process with you, by showing you a WIP (work in progress) that I’m currently working on, for a Human Figure Workshop with Sojie Group here on Redbubble! Thanks so much to DeeZ for the privilege of allowing me to reference her gorgeous photography for this Workshop!…

Here’s a video showing my painting’s progression:

First Stage digital drawing in Procreate on iPad

DeeZ (DL Honeycutt) has kindly allowed me to use her image of See Ya

Second State digital drawing in Procreate on iPad

I think I’ll add one of my photographs of liquorice by the sea, so that the little one is standing on a liquorice sculpture, as her colours are just right and so is her stance….very excited to get this finished and see how it turns out! :) xx

…and here is th

I would like to know.....

  • do you think the personality of the photographer comes through the lens?
  • can you offer up any examples of this via a link to someone’s work?

thank you for your time and help….as someone just starting out in photography, I am very interested in what you have to say and your experience. For instance, what about Max Dupain’s work? Does his personality show through the lens do you think? Are there any other photographers here, or famous ones you know of where you note their personality shining through? This isn’t about me though, as much as I loved the compliments thank you so much Ginny and Frannie! :)

Paper Boats BBC Radio - Live airplay

Recently Paper Boats had some airplay on BBC Radio in the UK when my friend lk (les king/uncleblack) and Andrea Webster went in for a live session. The song was written by lk, with the words being from a poem I wrote. Andrea accompanies Les on vocals with her sweet voice and she is also the creator of this sweet video below. I’ve share this video lots of times, but it never grows old for me. I hope you like it…


The combo/duet of sounds produced by LK/Uncleblack from RB and Andrea Webster is known as Silkwinders and they have put out an album not too long ago, which includes Paper Boats and other beautiful melodic songs. If you are interested, please contact Les/Uncleblack for more details on how to purchase.

RB Team Community - something NEW!!

ALOHA….. we now have…….an………

There is a new kid in town….check out the new stuff Redbubble is doing for our community right here

For a while we have all been feeling a bit low, a bit disconnected, a bit lost… there is something new afoot here to inspire, encourage and help us to remain connected, etc, etc……..but it’s best said by the team of staff who are heading up the RB Team Community…..go check it out and have a think about getting involved in the first challenge.

. . . . . .

Please visit and “follow” the Official profile page for the Community team at Redbubble

  • What the Team is all about …. ’We consider ourselves true Curators of Community; doing our best to shine a spotlight on the collaborative spirit of creative expression that is so inherent here, connect art

self portrait

….“wonder what she’s thinking” (self portrait)

aloha, having some fun with a new iPad app that stitches images together, rather than creating a diptych or similar in frames….it’s called “fotoring” and then processed in the following:

  • Photo fx ultra
  • Pixlromatic
  • 100 cameras

thanks for looking!! …have a lovely creative day :)

an interview with greg weight, artist photographer

Aloha, earlier today I journalled about a fellow bubbler “Jackson McCarthy”: who’d posted a journal asking how do photographs express emotion. Earlier this evening I was watching this video which really is enlightening and inspiring. It was great to see the photographer Greg Weight interviewed, as a few years ago I borrowed a huge book from the library with many of the images from this interview in it…. particularly love the ones of Brett Whitely and John Olsen and Margaret Olley :) Just thought someone here might enjoy it also:

leaf study


I’ve been working on my drawing and painting and today created this leaf rubbing and the drawing beneath. The photographed leaves are both on the left and the rubbing top right (I used a blending tool with graphite rubbed over it, placing the leaf underneath the paper and rubbing the paper on top with the blending tool). After I’d done that I photographed the leaf and the rubbing, then I drew over the top of the rubbing to add the details of the leaf and bring it to life. I did this study as part of exercise 28 for our Inspire Create group on Facebook

Other recent drawing and painting studies I’ve done lately are pictured below:

Apple painting study (photo on left, painting on right. Painting done in Procreate on iPad with stylus)

Lemon and avocado drawing studies completed y

on being creative

Aloha friends, I came across this blog post this morning:…

The post is by Omar Ross (Indy author and speaker) of Pick the Brain blog. I got something out of it and thought you might. I answered “yes” to 14 of the questions. It’s nice to be able to identify that I am a highly creative person. I had many of the doubts mentioned and the self esteem issues, of feeling isolated and different, because of the daydreaming, the crowding thoughts and ideas that continually have freedom to flow in my mind, the problem with linear sequential teaching to creative individuals at schook, where it doesn’t strike an adequate match to help develop intelligence in other areas like science and mathematics. It is nice to know we have something called ‘creative intelligence’


aloha, this short film is about overcoming prejudice….
if you can find 12 mins and spend it watching this beautiful (yet sad) inspirational video called Zero, it could be time well spent, it is a very special animation that has won 15 awards… thanks so much to Ben for sending me this link

work in progress

I really like these little snippets I’ve been taking with my iPad to show my process and progress with making these little flag props for my photography compositions. The one above shows the flags at the top and the diamond shapes below. They were 10cm x 6cm and I coloured them with textas and crayons. I then folded, pasted and threaded them on some string. You can see the finished product called "have a beautiful day in every day here

Now I found that the flags were too large for me to really use them in the way I’d like, so I decided today to create another set of flags on string, and above is my progress so far. You can see the diamond shapes, they are smaller at half the size of yesterdays flags being 5cm x 3cm and a bit more fiddly. After folding them, I thought how cute they

TV show on now: Colour in your Life Channel 4ME


6:30pm Channel 4ME
Friday 10th August
Colour in your Life = with Graeme Stevenson and Tricia Reust

Right now if you are in australia you can watch a program called “Colour in Your Life” on channel 4ME. The interviewer is Graeme Stevenson, a famous Australian artist and friend of my family, Graeme is interviewing another Australian artist Tricia Ruest.. she’s showing her process…it’s very interesting…

Cheers, k

self portrait

a few days ago I was saying how crook I felt, and altho there’s been a little improvement, it’s back and forth…today I had a little energy and took this self portrait with an apple and a red pillow against my daughter’s blue feature wall….it was fun and refreshing to do something a little creative, I faded soon after, but take this as a positive sign that I’m on the road to recovery!

(taken with the iPhone camera and processed with iPhone apps, including Diptych)
props: red delicious apple and red pillow

down, down and downer


I really love what aloha represents:

Akahai, kindness, to be expressed with tenderness;
Lôkahi, unity, to be expressed with harmony;
`Olu`olu, agreeable, to be expressed with pleasantness;
Ha`aha`a, humility, to be expressed with modesty;
Ahonui, patience, to be expressed with perseverance.

(definition of aloha is borrowed with deep appreciation from The Aloha Spirit

When I am feeling low, it helps to try and bless others, to try not to think too much or focus on the unwellness, and just rest. Sometimes it is hard to do that, sometimes it is hard to find rest. So I am trying to do that and get well after a bout of the flu and some ikh secondary infections (sinus and bronchitis) I am not well at all and frustrated by it, because I have so many new ideas and things I want to get started

apple, lemon and avocado drawing and painting studies


I’ve been working on my drawing and painting and today created this apple painting, the photograph is on the left and the painting I did in Procreate on the iPad with a stylus is on the right. I took the photo and sat it beside my workspace and drew or copied it as I saw it. I didn’t trace, only copied. I found it helpful to turn the apple photo upside down and sideways to get the shape and shading right. It’s not exact, but I’m really happy with the outcome. I also did drawing studies yesterday of a lemon and an avocado. The lemon was a lot harder than the avocado. Neither of these are perfect either, but I feel happy enough with the end result. If nothing else, it’s all good practice. I like to share the photos of the fruit as well as my drawings to see how well (or not)

RB/FB disconnection

I’ve noticed that I am experiencing continued and increasing daily disconnections from the RB/FB connection/app. It often happens more than once a day, that I need to reconnect through RB to have the info about “new posts”, “new works” and “sales” posted on my FB account/s. It has been happening for at least a few weeks but with increasing frequency.

Is anyone else experiencing this? I don’t know why it happens. It seems to happen straight after it makes a report of a sale, it may only make one report if there are a few at a time. And then it disconnects. Other times it seems to disconnect randomly. Any ideas?

Thanks for your help and aloha. :)

tissue box study

Aloha, today I did a tissue box study for one of our Inspire Create Creative Exercises on Facebook. Here it is, one of many attempts and 3 hours later, I’m afraid I found this a very frustrating time….I first had to get my head around 2 point perspective (which I googled on YouTube) and that really helped. Hopefully with more practice, the difficulty level will ease! lol…

this image shows my progression using the 2 point perspective method

Other recent studies I’ve done are below:

Apple study

Pear study

Water Droplet study by Karin Taylor

Plastic cup study

Practice makes all the difference to our drawing skills, so I’d encourage you to draw lots and enjoy the process always.

You are welcome to join us at Inspire Create on FB or join in any time you like! We love new people and are very

apple study

Aloha, this evening I did an apple study/still life for an extension of one of our Inspire Create Creative Exercises on Facebook, which was drawing a pear. Here it is, it’s the fourth attempt today of drawing an apple, I’m afraid I found this a very frustrating time….for some reason, unknown to me, apples are something I find as challenging to draw as hands and lips. Hopefully with more practice, the difficulty level with ease! lol

Other recent studies I’ve done are below:

Pear study

Water Droplet study by Karin Taylor

Plastic cup study

Practice makes all the difference to our drawing skills, so I’d encourage you to draw lots and enjoy the process always.

You are welcome to join us at Inspire Create on FB or join in any time you like! We love new people and are very friendly, encourag

My work is in Exhibition in SoJie 17!


Join me at the Juried Invitational Exhibition…

Brand New Hairdo
by Karin Taylor


Read about how this painting won a competition and travelled all over the work, click here

I am very excited to have my art selected to exhibit in SoJie 17, whose theme is The Portrait. The name “SoJie” comes from the first letters of Solo’s Juried Invitational Exhibition. This month is only the 17th one, ever, and 91 other artists, besides myself, are represented with Portrait style artworks or photographs.

Winners of the invitational will be announced on August 7th, when a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be awarded in three categories: digital art, photography, and traditional art.

Non members, as well as members, ARE welcome to view all of the work nominated. So I hope th

pear study

aloha, this evening I did a pear study/still life for one of our Inspire Create Creative Exercises on Facebook. Here it is, it’s the first pear I have ever drawn:

Other recent studies I’ve done are below:

Water Droplet study by Karin Taylor

Plastic cup study

Practice makes all the difference to our drawing skills, so I’d encourage you to draw lots and enjoy the process always.

You are welcome to join us at Inspire Create on FB or join in any time you like! We love new people and are very friendly, encouraging and passionate about getting creative. We also love beginners who are new to art and creating.

For easy access to all Inspire Create Exercises please click here (Inspire Create blog)

Visit my full art portfolio and online print shop here

My painting has been nominated for Solo’s Juried Invitational Exhibition, SoJie 17 The Portrait

Yay…my painting “Brand New Hairdo” has been nominated for Solo’s Juried Invitational Exhibition, SoJie 17 The Portrait click here opens Monday July 23rd.…

Brand New Hairdo
by Karin Taylor

Digital Art and Pencil Drawing
Photoshop CS4 or 5
No Stock Used
Size of digital file unknown (300 dpi)

Original drawing in pencil on paper, photographed and coloured/painted digitally with Photoshop. I used my grandmother’s teacup set which she has handed down to me, and sketched myself (pencil and paper) holding it with pinky finger lifted, in the mirror for a reference point.

This little miss is sipping on a cup of tea, enjoying her brand new hairdo!! Her pet bird sits atop singing sweet tunes…and other birds have come to rest upon her pinky finger and on her shoulder A sweet card or print for your girl

who am I?


I wrote this letter to someone this morning, who I won’t mention, but I do find that often I am able to put into written words who I am, in a way that I cannot articulate in person.

I am a very shy person, who is also an artist, view my full art portfolio here so although I might not be very articulate in person, I would be more than happy to do a written interview with you or anyone who wants to know more about who I am or what my process is in more detail. I am not an expert on the role of art in healing, I have only my own experience to draw from and just find art a really good thing to do, it helps with the expression of thought and feelings, and can sometimes work to make sense of life, where other things may not.

I have written a little book myself to help others find their

NEW work in progress

Here’s my new work in progress “cupcake”

It’s a pencil drawing on paper, photographed and painted in Procreate (an iPad app) with a stylus/pen. I am really enjoying using this particular program, well worth the couple of bucks it cost me :)

water drop drawing

Aloha everyone, I’m excited to share a new more realistic drawing with you today, I’ve drawn my first attempt at a water droplet, thanks to a video I found in a youtube tutorial. I must say, this was very difficult to get it to a realistic stage, but I enjoyed the process immeasurably and can highly recommend it.

The water droplet in the image is the one I drew, with the help of a mechanical pencil (I only ever use BIC as they don’t break much 0.7mm available at Office Works in packs) I also used a 6B and and 8B pencil for the darker shading and a kneadable eraser (available in art shops) plus 2 different sized paper blenders. (I have photographed the tools I used so you can see, the paper I used is A3 110gsm cartridge paper in a Visual Art Diary.)

After working on this for an hour o

still life

aloha, here’s a still life I had fun drawing today in response to Inspire Create Exercise 26 on Facebook

We try to keep it inspiring over there with refreshing creative news, views, images and creative exercises that are designed to grow and develop your creative expression. Join us
or join in any time you like! We love new people and are very friendly, encouraging and passionate about getting creative. We also love beginners who are new to art and creating.

For easy access to all Inspire Create Exercises please click here (Inspire Create blog)

Tattoo Elephant Tattoo, T-Shirts, Art

Aloha, above is a collection of images for my T-Shirt design Tattoo Elephant which someone has used as a skin tattoo, and it looks pretty nice I must say. A friend of mine found this image somewhere on the internet, so I haven’t been in touch with the person that has had this tattooed, although I would like very much for them to contact me.

Tattoo Elephant has been around for a while, and was featured a couple of years ago in a night time model shoot by Jo O’Brien

The lovely models in the photos are from Model Mayhem and feature Tattoo Elephant being worn by AmyNichole (also featured is Miss Claire wearing one of Paul McClintock’s Identify your Horse T-Shirts

To view the original artwork of “Tattoo Elephant” which is now available as cards or prints just click here

introducing a new blog full of creative exercises for you


a little while ago I journalled about how I’d set up a Facebook page called Inspire Create with artist karin taylor

I had a problem though. Some of you would like to participate, but don’t have Facebook. Another problem we had, was that the exercises on FB were being buried by other posts. Then, someone made a suggestion. Perhaps I could archive all the creative exercises elsewhere, so that they are easily accessible for everyone.

What a great idea I thought! So now I’d like to introduce a new blog full of creative exercises for you and everyone to try out, to help keep you inspired and creative. Originally designed for people who struggle with their creativity, but it’s also great fun and useful for anyone who is interested in creative expression. It’s also an extension o

etsy store update on art pendants

hi everyone, in addition to my journal earlier today, I have some additional news about how are able take some (x10) special requests (before Friday) for my art on square glass tiles for the pendants. Please read on:…


Just a quick announcement for fans of my art.. Fa just contacted me to let you all know, that from now until tomorrow Thursday, 11.59pm Australian time, Fa will take a max of 10 requests for small square pendants featuring my art or designs. First come first served. These will be ready by mid july at the latest. To explain, Fa needs your orders in order to be able to fill a print request with her printer, so that she can supply folks with the pendants they’d like, but she

Inspire Create

Aloha everyone, join me and all our friends over on Facebook to participate in our daily inspiration and creativity excercises here

Inspire Create: Creative Exercise 12 – Wed June 2012

I am in the business of inspiring you to create. I do it for love. I do it because I have a dream, a dream to help people become more creative. I don’t like to put too many limitations on what you produce, because I realise inspiration must run free and wild. That’s why this exercise and a lot of the exercises allow much freedom as to what you produce. I am mainly here to provide the stimulation.

I am posting some links for you below, so you can find out some facts about butterflies. Why, because researching something before you create a piece, is for me an import

Etsy Store

hi everyone:…


Just a quick announcement for fans of my art.. Fa just contacted me to let you all know, that from now until tomorrow Thursday, 11.59pm Australian time, Fa will take a max of 10 requests for small square pendants featuring my art or designs. First come first served. These will be ready by mid july at the latest. To explain, Fa needs your orders in order to be able to fill a print request with her printer, so that she can supply folks with the pendants they’d like, but she currently is limited to 10 requests. So, do let me know quite quickly if you would like a special request pendant in one of my little square designs and I will pass this on to Fa by Friday morning. Thank

a new song

Aloha beautiful peoples, I have just come home from a lovely rainy afternoon at the local theatre company watching “Chicago” to find that a poem I wrote just today called rain is comin’ down has been turned into a lovely sweet song by my very musical friend and poet himself uncleblack (aka Leslie King of The Katie Winter) Thank you so much lk! You are such a talent and gifted musician and poet, it’s extremely touching when you make songs from my poems :)

You can listen to this lovely brand new song just created today ‘rain is comin’ down’ here and I hope you enjoy!

smiles and sunshine,

Reminder: Inspire Create with artist Karin Taylor

Interactive creative fun and inspiration happening every day over at Inspire Create with artist Karin Taylor my new Facebook page. Its all free and warmly welcoming and is a follow on extension of my book Beyond the Stick Figure aimed at stimulating inspiration and creativity, it’s for anyone and everyone who’d like to be doing more to stimulate their creative juices and productivity for a fuller, richer, more wholesome life. Everyone is welcome if that’s your aim :)

NEW inspire create on FB with artist karin taylor

I am an artist and I have a dream, to help people become more creative, especially those who doubt themselves. As a way of building on the foundations of my dream and an extension of my recent book Beyond the Stick Figure Help and Encouragement for anyone who has ever wanted to be creative I want to reach out, as I realised that a lot of people struggle with inspiration and imagination and daydreams. As inspiration, imagination and daydreams are important in finding the way forward to creative self expression, I wanted to provide a place, a sanctuary, where you can come to be restored, find a stream of inspirational flow and learn how to daydream and use your imagination again, like you did as a child. It might sound a bit airy fairy, however, it really does wonders to stimulate the desi

how to price your original art


This morning I received an email from someone (who I don’t seem to know) and there was no body, no greeting or salutation. All that was there was the senders email address and a subject heading of “how do I price my work”.

I think that what has happened is that this person is actually a well known art spokesperson and just forgot to send the body of the email, which would have explained how to price my art, or talked about a course I could do, etc. lol

So anyway, before I’d figured out the fellow was already an expert in this area, I sent him this information and thought I might share it with you also, although I expect most of you already know these tips…feel free to add your own formulas, etc. for working out how to price art for prospective clients.

my reply “Was this message

It's thank you time


I hope this finds you healthy, happy and shining your creative light. Sometimes saying thank you just doesn’t seem enough….I want to express my gratitude in more ways than one.

When you buy my work, it’s like the sky turns from grey to blue and that great canopy in the sky lets it’s warm sun invite me in for visit, I feel embraced. I want to hug you right back.

Today I woke up to find myself feeling quite astonished and overwhelmed that someone had purchased 5 canvas prints and 1 mounted print, and it just encouraged me so very much. I hope you enjoy the prints, and thank you from my heart of hearts!!

sold a mounted print today of Underneath the Apple Tree with deepest thanks

sold a canvas print today of Beachcombers mahalo!

sold a canvas print today of Make a Wish with many th

yarn about yarn - exclusive yarns

Aloha sweet friends,…

Today is the day I would like to express some awe and wonder about a dear friend of mine who is one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. It was a great stroke of luck that our boys went to school together, because this is how I came to know this extremely creative person.

Christine Jones is a fellow bubbler and has been a friend of mine for about 7 years now. We have spent many hours over that time, drinking coffee and talking about a million things, ideas and creativity…..the one thing that I love so much about Chris, is her ability to follow complex patterns and tackle things I probably would deem far too difficult for my level of expertise. Chris knits and felts, crochets, makes gorgeous handbags, scarves and one off shawls and garments, not to mention

I'm writing a book!!


As a complete surprise to myself, I have become deeply immersed in writing a book. I suppose I always imagined the first book I would write would be a children’s story, however, this isn’t what’s happened. I hope to do that one day though, it’s a dream I intend to make a reality, and after this baby is finished, I think writing a children’s book shall be more breezy and easy (one can only hope!) lol

The book comes as a surprise because it started writing itself, I just happened to notice one day, that my fingers were typing frantically all kinds of things that wanted to be shared from some deep place in my heart of hearts, perhaps it was the overflow of my heart just finding a place to live and be. My deepest hope is that this book will help those who have shared their struggles

paper boats song video

aloha, I’ve got some really fantastic news !!!…

paper boats – video – realising dreams by les king (aka uncleblack)

Our song collaboration, Paper Boats now has a video to accompany it, created by Andrea who accompanies Les King on vocals! Please have a little look and listen, I’m so proud to be associated with this lovely song and youtube video. I listen to it over and over on a loop, I love it so much :) It reminds me of Puff the Magic Dragon and songs I listened to as a child, full of melancholy and yet hopeful and deeply stirring, such a gentle song, it has for me a little bit of lullaby magic….I also really love the pretty harmonies and hope you can relate to it.


Les lives in the UK and is fast gaining exposure and reputation for his music right over there. With the relea

rainbow dolphins sale

Happy Easter everyone!

…and also want to say thank you so much, 6 greeting cards and a matted print of rainbow dolphins are on their way soon to a lovely redbubble member in the United States! I hope you enjoy!

rainbow dolphins by Karin Taylor

cross stitch available "Sea Poppy" now

aloha everyone!

Some nice happy news to share around, I now have a cross stitch chart available for my painting of Sea Poppy

The cross stitch chart is now available through Pippa Slack’s website Stitching Dreams

Sea Poppy by Karin Taylor

Design size and details, incl price:

“Sea Poppy” Cross Stitch Chart: £7.99
375 stitches wide  x 256 stitches high
Which translates to (on 25 ct fabric):
15 inches wide x 10.24 inches high.
(contains only whole cross stitch)
Requires only 38 DMC colours

my 4th anniversary @ redubble

Did I mention I’ve been here on redbubble for 4 years now…? Probably not, cos I only just realised myself! That’s how fast he time has flown….faster than a speeding bullet!…

In that time, wow, what has been achieved. Well, I have met and made many friends from all over the world, some of them best friends and very special. We have gone through fun and turbulence, it has made our resolve to be a special community who cares, all that much stronger. I think that personal one on one relationships have flowered and bloomed moreso than the community as a whole, but that’s what happens when a community grows so quickly to such enormous proportions membership wise.

Over 4 years, I have been delighted to sell over 3,000 products with my art printed on them, and feel very privileged that my art

work in progress: dolphin feeding

Aloha friends,…

I’ve just spent a glorious week on Tangalooma Island Resort (Moreton Island) off the coast of Brisbane, Qld, Australia.

Each night we (my parents, myself and Scott) had a great privilege, as we would walk down to the Jetty area 5 minutes from where our unit was located overlooking the beach and watch from above, as people waded into the crystal clear water and fed the wild dolphins. They eat fish (headfirst) and squid and shrimps. On any night you can go there and watch, which I find more fun than actually feeding. It’s pretty dreamy and magical for me. I would love to do that for the rest of my days, because I get something really beautiful from that connection with these wild beauties. I love them. These dolphins are fascinating in that they have a social life and t

3,000 Sales and Huge Thanks


I’ve am so thrilled to announce I’ve just clocked up just over 3,000 sales here on redbubble since I first began in February 2008. This is an enormous milestone for me and one I never expected to reach. I want to thank everyone who has so wholeheartedly supported me, encouraged me and taken my work into your offices and homes. I have felt so blessed as an artist to have received so much love, appreciation and enthusiasm from you all. Without you, I would never have pushed myself to produce so much work, but because of you, I have strived with all my heart to make something worthwhile appear from my humble pencil, something that I could be proud of, something that you would hold dear. I am just so grateful. Thank you everyone. I hope that you all know, what it has meant for m

cultivating creativity

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.
Pablo Picasso…

I was talking to a friend recently, about creativity. In our conversation my friend mentioned that you cannot teach creativity. And I would agree.

What can be taught, is how to cultivate creativity.

Art Chick by Karin Taylor

In my travels over the last 15 years as an artist, people express how lacking they feel in the area of creativity. Some people tell me they don’t have a creative bone in their body, and it always makes me smile when they say that. I feel the butterflies in my tummy rising and they tumble out of my mouth with joy, as I explain to them, that they are indeed creative…in fact they were born creative. It makes me happy to give you that good news about yourself.

From before we a

brand new hairdo featured in Curvy!

aloha and happy new year everyone,

I’m a little bit behind in updating my redbubble journal here, due to all the lovely Christmas visitors and social outings, but wanted to pop in here and share some happy news with you. A couple of days prior to Christmas I was invited to show one of my paintings Brand New Hairdo in an online feature via Curvy where Nicole Tattersall talks about Pantone’s Colour of the Year, tangerine

Brand New Hairdo

If you have any questions or enquiries about my work please don’t hesitate to bubblemail me or email me at

To view more of my art portfolio please click here

mahalo and blessings for 2012

karin :)

desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait