celebrating 70 sales of Smile Baby Retro T-shirt

Aloha everyone,…

It was only just a couple of days ago I was happily celebrating my 70th sale of Tattoo Elephant Tshirt and now I’m so happy to be celebrating that another one of my most popular designs has made it all the way to 70 sales. Smile Baby T-shirt has a few variations, but is the original Smile Baby Tee which I created especially for photographers who are out in the field snapping wonderful images of this that and the other to make us all drool over.

..and here’s Jenn with her tattoo of Smile Baby!! For more of my tattoo designs and photographs see here

Thank you to everyone, who has supported, encouraged and/or purchased any of my Smile Baby designs, I am very grateful. Mahalo!!! Karin :)

Here’s the lovely redbubble member and photographer Hilary Walker wearing her Smile Bab

celebrating 70 sales of Tattoo Elephant

aloha everyone,…

I am so happy to share that today marks the 70th sale of my Tattoo Elephant design on Tshirts, Hoodies and Stickers!

Sticker – Tattoo Elephant – click here

Back in May 2009 the lovely Jo O’Brien did a lovely night time photo shoot with models from ModelMayhem with the lovely AmyNicole
Click here to view the photos of models wearing our tshirts in my journal

Tattoo TShirt

is from my elephant painting of the same name
this one is a special request…. you can see the original design here

Tattoo prints and cards

Ellie has recently been selling lots and although she is one of my earlier designs, she seems to be making a return to popularity, which is just wonderful, as she’s one of my favourite paintings. Originally created on pastel paper, using chalk pastels and an earri

creativity matters

Making meaning or meaning making is so very important to me, moreso than ever. I am sure it is for you also, if you would like to share, could you tell me, why it is that you create? I’d really love to hear from you :)…

Some good news for me, last night, I sold ten photographic prints, with big thanks to Ricky…sending you aloha and mahalo Ricky!

You know…I was overjoyed, not because I sold ten prints, but because Ricky contacted me, and was able to find a print for all those loved and cared for special people. What matters, is that the my art is in some way meaningful to Ricky and others, it reminds me I have purpose in my life, and want to continue making meaning, so that my life and my work touches others in a some special way. Living life any other way, is simply unbearable. art ma

look what's just arrived from redbubble

aloha, I’ve bought a few cards and calendars and a mounted print from redbubble and they just arrived today, I was so pleased with the quality and thought I’d share them with you:

this is a glossy mounted print of stop and smell the flowers it’s turned out beautifully, this will be a gift for someone special

Greeting cards of stop and smell the flowers and summer days are golden

Greeting cards of three little night owls and vintage elephant

Greeting cards of three wise owls

2012 Calendars of Dancing on Rooftops for relatives

2012 Calendar of Skies are Blue for my own

original drawings for sale

Aloha everyone, it’s my

I hope you’re all feeling well, inspired and at peace as we approach the Christmas season.…

I have quite a few original drawings here in my art studio so thought it might be time to put them up for sale.

  • original drawings are $50 each, plus postage and handling (estimated P&H for packages sent within Australia $10, US P&H $25 and UK P&H $30)
  • drawings will be packaged and sent by Registered Post in mailing tubes
  • Size approx A3 (420 × 297mm) on 100% Acid Free 110gsm Cartridge paper. Some of the works are smaller sizes, and they will have the size next to the title.
  • Drawings are creating using a mechanical pencil and in some cases black marker has also been employed, or liquid pencil and charcoal.
  • Please note that the drawings are not absolutely perfect, and you may see i

uncleblack puts my song to music


…just the other day, I wrote a simple little song – Beauty of You – after uploading the words, I heard that my good friend and talented musician uncleblack better known as lk from the UK has put my little song to music, you can now hear the Beauty of You sung by lk here at The Katie Winter website – I hope you enjoy this lovely version of my song -
and thank you soooo much lk!!! :))

Beauty of You

I sang me a song to the night sky
I climbed me a mountain of truth
I ran to the edge of forever
In search of the beauty of you

Beauty of you
Beauty of you
Beauty of you

I rode on the back of a whale
I soared on the wings of a dove
I swam every ocean and river
To find you my perfect love

uncleblack puts my song to music


…just the other day, I wrote a simple little song – Beauty of You – after uploading the words, I heard that my good friend and talented musician uncleblack better known as lk from the UK has put my little song to music, you can now hear the Beauty of You sung by lk here at The Katie Winter website – I hope you enjoy this lovely version of my song -
and thank you soooo much lk!!! :))

it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...


I hope you are all well and feeling inspired to create!! Suddenly, or so it seems, the festive season is upon us and I see little hints of tinsel in the shops and get that little bit of excited when I hear the age old Christmas carols. Is it just me or is time flying by faster each year, perhaps Christmas is a signal for us to slow down a little and enjoy the little things that bring so much joy to our lives.

Every year I like to take the opportunity to thank the people that have supported and encouraged my creative pursuits over the years, here on redbubble and outside of this community, whether it was through an encouraging response to one of my paintings or by purchasing something from me to share with others or as a keepsake, perhaps it was a tweet, retweet, a blog interview

feature on kewzoo design blog


I have just had the lovely experience of hooking up with fellow bubbler and blogger Karen White from Kewzoo Design recently, who is a Brisbane based Artist, Designer and Sculptor.

Karen has a new blog called Kewzoo Design and has just very generously featured me there. To view my feature just click here

And yet more exciting news, Karen will be moving to Melbourne and opening a small gallery/shop in 2012 and is planning to stock some of my cards!

Thanks so much Karen, for the opportunity! Wishing you every success!



Noun: The occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way: “a fortunate stroke of serendipity”

Who of us doesn’t enjoy a little bit of serendipity when it comes our way. I have had a few chance encounters recently, for which I’m very deeply grateful. A word spoken here or there by a complete stranger might be the beginning of an awesome friendship, a new connection…and can have such an uplifting effect. Thank you to those people who have been so and spoken into my life recently.

One lovely thing I would like to add, is something really unusual that happened today. A fellow bubbler who I don’t believe I’d ever met before, chanced upon one of my older paintings titled Mi and Yuu and to her and my great surprise, she revealed tha

christmas calendars

a l o h a_

just a note regarding calendars – if you’d like a calendar printed with a selection of your favourite paintings from my portfolio, just drop me an email or a bubblemail:

All I need is for you to make me up a list of your top 13 favourite paintings (and indicate which one you’d like on the front cover and if you have any preferences for which images go on which months) and I’ll be happy to create a customised calender for you in time for Christmas (or any time throughout the year) or choose from a large range of my calendars already created in advance here

Fabric of Life

How very beautiful is this poem, and I felt like sharing it with others today, after a dear school friend remembered that I wrote it into her little book on the day we parted ways. I couldn’t recall the poem or where it had originated from, but thanks to my friend, we were able to find the author and share it’s light with the world once more.…

I want to say something to all of you
Who have become a part
Of the fabric of my life.

The color and texture
Which you have brought into my being
Have become a song,
And I want to sing it forever.

There is an energy in us
Which makes things happen
When the paths of other persons
Touch ours
And we have to be there
And let it happen.

When the time
Of our particular sunset comes
Our thing, our accomplishment
Won’t really matter a great deal.

But the clarity and car

ever grateful


I am ever grateful to everyone for all the support and encouragement you give me in this community, it has meant that Ive felt free and able to pursue my dream of creating art that matters to me and been able to feel proud of what I create. i am so happy when, like you, i find that someone has purchased my prints, its like the ultimate thrill.

Today I really would like to thank especially some customers who bought 4 prints (2 framed, 1 mounted, 1 photographic) over the past two days, as I was absolutely surprised and thrilled and hope you love the prints. it always surprises me, even now, when i sell something, i feel so grateful and its very hard to express in words just how exhilarating and uplifting that feeling is.

mahalo my deepest thanks…. karin xxx

NEW loose photographic prints on Redbubble


I woke this morning to some great news, one of those " You have just made a sale on Redbubble" emails, letting me know I’d just sold 2 photographic prints. Curious, I quickly logged in and to my delight and surprise, discovered that Redbubble are now offering loose unframed prints, so you can buy them and frame them yourself! am so happy!!!

About Photographic Prints

Ideal for self framing and printed on Kodak Endura archival quality paper, our photo prints are the sweetest way to get hold of those works that make you weak at the knees. Superior paper means finer prints for your smashing portfolio, to give as gifts or build that shrine you’ve always been meaning to make.

Our stunning prints come in four sizes, which means they’ll fit any mantel, bedroom wall or fridge door near yo

thank you note

Aloha and mahalo are in order…..or hello and thank you…

because I have just had my largest sale ever, 40 greeting cards sold all at once. What a huge boost to my spirit and a big thrill… it is without further ado, i say thank you so much!! big sorries too…the people on Facebook would have had a big flood coming thru via their activity feeds, as i have the setting on auto, so all my sales are automatically shared on Facebook, whether I’m awake, asleep, having a shower, or shooting the breeze lol…many thanks for your patience FB friends!

You can see below, some of the images which were chosen today:

launch of my sticky skins with 20% discount offer


Sticky Skins is a brand new print on demand site which supplies my designs on skins for phones, iPods and MP3’s, laptops, eReaders and Tablets, Gaming and other devices, with prices starting as low as $9.99

Visit me here Karin@Sticky Skins

The site has just been launched and so I’d like to share a special 20% discount to you, all my friends and followers. The special discount code is ART20 and will be valid through September 1st, 2011. You will need to include the code during the ordering process to ensure you receive the 20% discount.



Occasionally I read a comment on my work that compliments me on my style, i always smile at those responses because developing my own unique style took quite some time.

i remember thinking on it and wondering how it was that i could draw well, but didnt seem to have a particularly recognisable style. not all artists require this, or value it or want it, however for me, it would be an important milestone to achieve.

So how does one develop a style? The best advice I got was reading an article which explains that painting often and painting prolifically, is one way to achieve this. So it was that i set forth to achieve this aim.

If i had never read that article, then i wouldnt be the prolific artist i am ….i have a deep appreciation of artists who have developed a painting style, d

art sales


Today brought me tidings of good news, as i snuck an early morning peek at my emails, was i surprised to learn i had sold 2 large prints on redbubble, what a great help that will be this month, not to mention i sold an original painting yesterday, i feel greatly encouraged, thank you

Painting is silent poetry.  – Plutarch, Moralia

(These prints come already stretched onto frame, ready to hang)

heart of the earth by karin taylor

greetings by karin taylor


Take a flower in your hand and really look at it. It’s your world for the moment. I want to give that world to someone else.. – Georgia O’Keeffe

sold an original to a lovely new artist friend Jim….he came to do some pest control,before we knew it we were chatting away about a num

Owls 6,110 views in 3 days

three little night owls
in just 3 days this little painting received a record 6,110 views after being ‘stumbled’ by ewanthot …big thanks ewan! … i think the owls have gone viral or should that be feral?

i also have sold 99 products so far for this month of July, so a huge thanks to everyone who has viewed, previewed and purchased my work … i’m so thankful for your support

big thanks

aloha everyone, I’d just like to say a big thank you to the customers who bought two medium size canvas prints today, it was a really lovely surprise! … purchases were “January” and “Little Shepherd Girl”


little shepherd girl



omigoodness thank you!

A big thanks to the wonderful folk/s who purchased 30 cards today, I’m so grateful, mahalo :::))

three wise owls
lost and found
there’s an elephant in my garden
night and day
beach campfire
down by the sea
faith hope and love

little shepherd girl
cherry blossom
make a wish
little red plane
belle a moire
the love bird
love birds
I painted a cloud so the sun could shine thru

taisie blue
brand new hairdo
may the sun always shine
elephant child
the heart garden of Lilly Mai
the heart garden of summer ivy
the heart garden of hazel rose

tips on how to photograph your art for print reproduction

Hi everyone,…

This morning I received a question from a member who wants to start up at Redbubble, she was after tips on how to photograph her art for print reproduction at Redbubble. I think that RB possibly already have some info on this in their help section also, but here is my answer or response, feel free to add your tips. This is the 2nd enquiry I’ve had recently, so thought I’d share the info publically…I really don’t know a great deal, but this is my small offering, if it helps someone out there who’s not quite sure where to begin..great…because for years I had a big failure rate until I figured out the best and most efficient way to do this…..through my own journey of trial and error…..this is what I learned worked best for me…cheers!

. . .

I don’t have a scanner large enough f

musician: mali woods articles about karin

musician mali woods writes an article about karin

the love bird by karin

One of the many reasons I love redbubble is that i tend to meet the most amazingly talented people from all over the world, who aren’t necessarily members of redbubble, but we just cross paths in a wonderful karmic way – it was so special the other day to chance a meeting with the most delightful musician and beautiful soul by the name of Mali Woods during her search for an elephant sticker…we connected. You never know where these beautiful connections will lead…..

Next thing I know…Mali then went on to write a beautiful article about me and my Love Bird and artwork on her website, and I’ve only just seen it, it really made my day as i’m a bit down with the flu:

the beautiful article by Mali

A few of my favourite so

lighthouse project

Read more about the lighthouse project a Sydney based charity for youth and abandoned teenagers, Lady Coco Nimet (fashion stylist) is raising money to help ….donating tshirt designs for a worthy cause….check it out here and the website for other ways t support or check out Lady Coco on Facebook

If you’d like to help by donating a tshirt design, don’t hesitate to contact Lady Coco Nimet @ Lighthouse Project Via bubblemail

I donated my Tattoo Tshirt elephant design

NEWS new online outlet for vinyl skins

Great news!

I’m very excited to have just signed a new contract for licensed reproduction of my art on all kinds of skins (iPads, iPhones, etc) with an online supplier (TBA)

The company sells custom-cut vinyl skins for mobile phones, laptops, e-readers and other gadgets worldwide. If you are interested in a particular design being on a gadget, let me know your fave and I’ll consider uploading it for submission. I don’t have the final say, but I can always try!

I’ll let you know when I have something more to share.

mahalo (thank you) for stopping by to hear my latest news!

view my full design portfolio click here

the empathic civilization

‘The Empathic Civilization is emerging. A younger generation is fast extending its empathic embrace beyond religious affiliations and national identification to include the whole of humanity and the vast project of life that envelops the Earth’.
Jeremy Rifkin

the empathic civilization is a video by Jeremy Rifkin on TED that really heartened me. I don’t know if anyone else here has an interest in empathy within community, so I questioned whether it would be a good idea to share it with you. It might be worth viewing if you like that sorta thing. I really found it to be reflective of my view and how I grew up. We tended toward putting ourselves in the position of the other opposing side, so that we could fashion an understanding for ourselves, of what that must feel like. It is through

Smile Baby Tattoo

aloha kindreds!!…

I have the best news to share today! I feel like a little kid sharing my news at school, I’m that excited! Not long ago, Jenn contacted me outa the blue to see if she could use my Smile Baby design for a tattoo as Jenn is a fabulous photographer and has been looking for something like this design for some time. I couldn’t be prouder to now present a photo of the brand new Smile Baby tattoo which Jenn has been kind enough to share with us!

Jennifer Lauren Photography is where you can learn more about Jenn’s wonderful photography and career.

This is Stage One as Jenn considers whether she’ll add colour to this or not :)

…and while we’re here, here’s a big plug for the amazing tattoo artist… is Kenny Brown…he works at Jack Browns Tattoo Revival in Fredericksburg, Vi

some dogs are diamonds...

raindogs is a member of redbubble and also a dear friend of mine, we discovered each other a while ago, sharing many similar stories about childhoods and fathers, both wildlife enthusiasts. So many many parallels that we figure we must’ve sprung from the same tribe….

Brother raindogs created this gorgeous tribal tree and sent me the original via snail mail and what a huge surprise, today I’m feeling pretty fortunate to have an original raindogs in our home up on the blue feature wall :)

In the image there, you may notice a couple of round stones, these are actually aboriginal artefacts my father found many years ago in outback inland Australia. Raindogs is a very wonderful and unusual fella, he spends half his time in outback Australia digging for buried treasure, which is a dream come t…

March sales


Thank you to all my customers who continue to support me, to buy my art prints, original paintings and designs to share with friends, for family, to wear as tshirts, to hang on your walls, to stick on school books and bags, for your bubbas to wear, to keep you warm in winter, or cool in summer, it always brings a smile to my face and reminds me I’ve so much to be grateful for……. for all the March sales, including 8 original paintings sold to lovely friends on redbubble, I thank you.

Patchwork Elephant

SALES OF TSHIRTS, STICKERS, KIDS CLOTHES, GREETING CARDS, HOODIES, PRINTS March 2011 (just click on images and links to see the art)

30 Mar 11 Smile Daisy Photographer T-Shirt
30 Mar 11 Smile Baby Tee T-Shirt
28 Mar 11 Tattoo Elephant TShirt Sticker
27 Mar 11 Rainbow Elephant Tshirt Kid

original art for sale at reduced prices

..tis a lovely quiet time of the year here right now, and so while I’m busy working on a new series of art which I get to reveal here on redubble in October, thought I could offer some of my older ‘mixed media’ works at discounted prices. Prices are reduced to $60 and $65 respectively, normally priced around $200. The paintings are unframed and classed as ‘mixed media’ all created on various acid free papers with quality artist grade acrylics (for longevity), ink, pastel and charcoal. Please contact me if interested in the originals below, or for availability of other originals, via my gmail…

discounts apply for multiple purchases. (Postage and handling also applies and is additional.)

Please come back and check from time to time, as I will add images of other

our youtube song video

big thanks goes out to my friend uncleblack today, who made a fresh
recording of our song “Paper Boats” on YouTube – view on youtube
or click the arrow to watch the video below…


Thank you lk!! (it’s beautiful mate :) ….this is one of those songs i can listen to all day on a loop, uncleblack somehow captured the mood of my poem with this beautifully wistful sound, even tho we live a world apart, he in the UK and I in Australia, we have communicated mainly via email, and occasionally via video chat…..he just has a way with the poetic, himself being a beautiful poet.

This song is only available for watching via youtube, but you can find more of uncleblack’s music available as recordings etc through Treetops Records and The Katie Winter and now on youtube under the label TreetopsRecor

desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait