Smile Baby Tattoo

aloha kindreds!!

I have the best news to share today! I feel like a little kid sharing my news at school, I’m that excited! Not long ago, Jenn contacted me outa the blue to see if she could use my Smile Baby design for a tattoo as Jenn is a fabulous photographer and has been looking for something like this design for some time. I couldn’t be prouder to now present a photo of the brand new Smile Baby tattoo which Jenn has been kind enough to share with us!

Jennifer Lauren Photography is where you can learn more about Jenn’s wonderful photography and career.

This is Stage One as Jenn considers whether she’ll add colour to this or not :)

…and while we’re here, here’s a big plug for the amazing tattoo artist… is Kenny Brown…he works at Jack Browns Tattoo Revival in Fredericksburg, Virginia

Kenny is adding 3 dragonflies (and some grass) which will represent Jenn’s three daughters, how sweet is that right :)

…for more information on getting a design of mine tattooed onto your skin and my tattoo etiquett please click here (where you can see how another of my designs worked out as a beautiful tattoo!)

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