My Redbubble Sales Statistics incl Profits from 2008 to 2018

Hey there everyone, so good to be back to Redbubble after some time away, with a renewed sense of energy. Unfortunately, my darling husband suffered a stroke recently (he’s doing very well) but it had the effect of upturning our world for a while, and I’ve been unable to get back in touch with my art, so meanwhile, I’ve been doing a lot of photography, while we embarked on a new routine of fitness and health, going for daily walks, changing our diet to a low salt and fresh food one.

I’m sure many of you have had similar, and much worse challenges to face, or are facing things right now, that put you in that difficult place, where it’s not possible to be creating, as the space you are in, does not allow for that freedom. If that’s where you are right now, my heart sincerely goes out to you. Give yourself the time and space you need. I am excited and hopeful that soon I’ll be sharing more new work with you, meanwhile, I thought it appropriate, to have a look back on all that I have achieved so far, because that gives me renewed strength and resolve, to continue on.

What better way of doing that, is there, than sharing my statistical data, because I guess that is the pointy end of the stick, and gives me a great deal of satisfaction that to date, I have not been idle, but have spent 10 years of my life, working as hard as I can, to produce work that you will love, and that I can be proud of.

Check out my stats below:

From Feb 2008 to Sept 2018 (10 year period)
Sold 13.5K products (average 1.35K products per annum)
Profit $40.7K ($4.07K profit per annum)
Followers 4.75K (.475K followers per annum)
Faves 40.7K (4.07K faves per annum)
Top Selling Prints
Vintage Elephant
Koi Watergarden
Tattoo Elephant TShirt
Smile Baby Retro Tee

Wow! The mind boggles. I am so thrilled that I have achieved this much, thus far, to know my work is in people’s homes, on mugs, on walls, on tshirts, on baby apparel, cushions, etc, right around the world, gives me such a feeling of happiness.

I want to thank you all of you who have made this possible. It wouldn’t be right, not to also thank Redbubble, for the platform, which made this possible also, but without the artists who fill these halls, who show one another a great deal of love and kindness, who’s support has meant so much to me, and without the customers who’ve shared with me, how much my work has meant to each of them personally, I would not have continued. You have all been the wind beneath my wings. Namaste.

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