Strength in Diversity

Arctic Friends – A little penguin, fur seal, polar bear, walrus and killer whale in amongst the icebergs, snow, sea and mountains, a winter wonderland of friendship in a super cool climate.

They might be small, but a group of friends with a common goal can achieve great things. Each friend has a specific skillset that the others don’t possess, and that is their strength.

. Eddie the penguin has superior diving and sliding skills
. Pedro the Polar Bear is a master of camouflage and an adept hunter
. Freddy the Fur Seal incredible navigation skills and homing instincts
. Wendy the Walrus can hold her breath for long periods and use her tusks as tools
. Keko the Killer Whale is very intelligent, and can swim very very fast

Unfortunately, many people in the world don’t realise what incredible potential they have when their friends and workmates possess skillsets different from themselves. When we work together, we can achieve so much more, than if we only have our one skillset, and wish everyone else had the same.

It makes sense right! Teaching young people this from early on, through fun images like this illustration I’ve created, is something parents and carers can instil, to help cross the many divides children and young people will come across in life, learning to get along with people who differ from themselves, is a great part of their character to develop, and I think we can all be instrumental in doing this. If we are going to progress, in innovation and through creativity, we can all learn so much from each other, do our respective jobs more effectively, while continuing to grow.

Feel free to add your comments, thoughts and experiences if you have anything that can demonstrate the point (positive ones please) to show how a desired outcome was achieved by using different resources and strengths to achieve a common goal.

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