10,000 Sales Thank You

10,000th sale milestone

I think it’s important to acknowledge and celebrate milestones, even if it’s only about thanking the people who believed in you, stood by you, encouraged you along the way and showing your deep appreciation via some kind of acknowledgement. They should know the important impact that support has had on you, in your life. There are so many people I’d like to thank, but I will refrain from naming you here, each and every one of you, will know though, because we will have had conversations that matter and you I trust, will remember them as well as I do…. important conversations have stilled me, quieted my mind, calmed my thoughts, challenged my perspective and given me hope when I thought there was no hope or future.

Anyone who’s ever reached a milestone will probably relate that it was quite a journey getting there. As with any journey, while there are always challenges and problems to solve, there are also many blessings. My perspective is that reaching and sharing a milestone is not about boasting but about acknowledging that not only did you find some wonderful support around you that surprised you, but that you backed yourself.

Yes, it takes a team effort to reach a goal, even if you’re not team oriented, you need enough support to help you clamber over each obstacle in your journey, in order to reach your destination despite sometimes unfavourable odds, I think that what that support tells you, is that you are worth backing yourself.

That is why it means so much when you reach a goal. So much effort went into it, so much that very few people ever see or hear. Often we see a person’s success and imagine they were just lucky, or opportunistic, or knew the right people. I’m not saying that doesn’t help, of course it helps to be in the right place at the right time, but just as in a garden, to enable it to continue to thrive, so that the weeds don’t take over, you have to tend to your pursuit with a great deal of care. I don’t know anyone who is successful, who hasn’t worked very hard for it.

That is why it is worth taking just a few moments out of your life, to quietly allow gratitude to flood your heart, for the people who told you, you had it in you, for the people who loved you and believe in you, through all your self doubt, for the people that stood in the gap when you were too tired to stand on your own, for the people who surprised you by putting their arms around you when you felt faint. It’s an opportunity to say thank you, to all those who didn’t doubt you for one minute, and also to say to your critics, thank you for making me stronger.

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