Tips for Budding Artists #4 Inspiration


Inspiration can come from anywhere, but once I did an interesting experiment to try and pinpoint from where it originally came for me, and I found that I am still drawing from the same things that I loved in childhood, things that I was familiar with, animals (whales, birds, cats, dogs) hobbies, ballet, storybooks (fairies, genies, princessess), people and nature (trees, ocean, fish, whales, caterpillars, bugs, flowers) and home. In the image I’ve posted, you can see examples of those pictures, just to prove that I drew just like you did when you were a child. I also drew very repetitive characters over and over again, like the character with big ears, who I’d say was meant to be my father. I have a whole pad of little drawings dedicated to the same character with large sticky out ears. There were also certain songs, fashion, textiles, princess crowns and hats etc that I was fascinated by.

I think that if you struggle with inspiration about where to begin, it’s helpful to return to your childhood days and think about the things that you absolutely loved, were you one to get lost in your storybooks, or did you love outdoors and adventure. Once you have pinpointed again, the things that you love and feel passionate about, you can draw from a neverending pool of inspiration from there.

It takes time and practise to really start to develop confidence, and the first step, can begin with just realising that it’s important to draw what you love. It will be much easier to draw something you love and are familiar with, than something you don’t care much about.

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