The Little Nurse

The Little Nurse prints, gifts, tshirts, apparel and homewares

Order this cute bundle of goodies, including journal, phone case, mug and tote bag, then just add a matching card, for a cute gift pack the nurse in your life will love.

Such a lovely kind little nurse too. Great for get well wishes or friends who are nurses or in the medical profession.

Dandelion Dreamcatcher & Chameleon Prints

Golden Dreams Dreamcatcher

An Ojibwe legend recounted by American ethnographer Frances Densmore says the dreamcatcher originates with Spider Woman, known as Asibikaashi; if you like this dreamcatcher, you might also like or prefer my other dreamcatcher design she took care of the children and the people on the land. As the Ojibwe Nation spread to the corners of North America it became difficult for Asibikaashi to reach all the children.4 So the mothers and grandmothers would weave magical webs for the children, using willow hoops and sinew, or cordage made from plants:

Even infants were provided with protective charms. Examples of these are the “spiderwebs” hung on the hoop of a cradle board. These articles consisted of wooden hoops about 3½ inches in diameter filled with an imitation of

12K Milestone

Today I’m celebrating reaching a great milestone of 12K sales through my online store at Redbubble since I joined way back over 9 years ago, in Feb 2008! Thanks to everyone for the great ongoing support over all the years. There have been triumphs and big bumps, leaps and hurdles, at times I’ve been laid low, but through it all I’ve persevered. Many times I’ve wanted to throw in the towel, give up, walk away, but your support helped me find a way to keep going. I’m so grateful. Thank you. Here’s to the next 9 years, and here’s to you. May you always know that you’ve made a difference in my life. Thank you also to Martin Hosking and the Redbubble team, you made many of my dreams come true. xxx

Quitting Social Media Experiment

Firstly, thanks for all the lovely comments you left on my previous journal post about the break I was taking, I’ll check in next week and respond to you all. (I’m still on my social media week off ’til Monday).…

What have I noticed after a five day break from social media?

The first thing I want to mention here, before I go on to make a list of dot points, is that something profound did emerge from this break. I discovered something that I haven’t heard before. When I quit social media, perhaps the most incredible thing of all to me, and the biggest gift I gave myself here, was that I reconnected with myself. While plugged in to social media, I had sort of lost myself, my sense of who I am and what I desire. I think it’s akin to an addiction. I lost myself in my addiction. Too much

What matters most

What matters most?…

Is it Twitter impressions, Facebook views, Instagram likes? How heavily does our self worth rely on social media presence, online visibility and instant popularity?

Unfortunately, it can be a trap we fall into, if we have a small business that depends on how visible we are online.

I’m not here to tell you online presence doesn’t matter, because it is important if you’re trying to build a presence, however if it begins to impact you in a negative way, then it can become problematic.

If you become obsessed with whether a post received views, likes,comments etc to the point of it affecting your creativity and workflow, perhaps it’s time for some timeout. I’m not sure what the answer is, because I’ve experienced almost a week of zero views on Twitter for instance, and am cl

How & Why I Created my NEW Tie Dye Collection

I’ve been very busy lately creating some tie dye look designs because they really appeal to me. I try to think about the products and what I myself would like to wear, and one of the things that came to mind, was that I love tie dye, but don’t have anything at all in my wardrobe you could classify as tie dye. Why not see whether I can actually create some myself, using other than traditional methods. I’ve created the tie dye look, using my iPad and Procreate app. The Procreate app is fantastic for blending, where I can’t quite get those same effects with Photoshop CC and my Wacom Tablet, Procreate is a great tool for achieving the blending of paint that’s required. One of my favourite things to do when I first started painting with oil colours, was blending. The main thing I’d blend

Reflection on Creative Flow

As I reflect upon my creative journey I realise much of my output is simply a reflection of myself, my state of mind, grappling with things, etc. We are complex and there are many facets to our personality.…

Creativity is a journey into myself and back out again, it is like mining, extracting from my core whatever I can find of value, as a sort of currency I use to live my life. It affords me a sense of worth, gives me a sense that I’m contributing somehow. It’s not a means to an end, no, quite the opposite. I would describe my creativity more, as a living organism that has a heartbeat/rhythm, ebb and flow and experiences times of growth and times of health, wellbeing, is subject to getting ill and falling over, is fragile yet strong, is willing, vulnerable and versatile, sometimes in

New Paintings

Hi everyone, I haven’t posted a journal in quite a while, so I wanted to put together a collage of some of my new paintings to share with you, as you might not have had a chance to view them yet. So, here they are in collage form, and if you scroll down, you can see them individually with direct links! I hope you like the new works! Thank you for looking! :)


Rainbow Octopus

Beach Walk



Sea Pony

The Pirate and the Mermaid

Lotus Flower Dreamcatcher

We Weather Life Together

Guide to Macro iPhone Photography by Karin Taylor

About Me

I’m a visual artist, poet and iPhone photographer from Australia, who likes to dabble in macro iPhone photography. I came across macro iPhone photography by accident!

I’ve always been intrigued by insects and that tiny other world they live in, in fact some of my earliest paintings depict beetles. I don’t know exactly why, but I think it has to do with their jewel like appeal and a school project I did on Egypt which introduced me to beautiful Scarab beetles.

My father also collected shells, specimens from the sea etc. and we had a menagerie of unusual pets growing up, including blue ringed octopus, lion fish, pineapple fish, a freshwater croc, etc. To my great delight I saw a lizard being born when I was about 2, managed to wash turkey chicks to within an inch of their life (

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desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait