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Photography is my passion, I take photos of anything, anywhere, and enjoy processing in Photoshop Elements and Picasa.

The Universe at Our Fingertips

I am sure I am not the first one to think or even say this, but do you realise just how wonderful RedBubble is?
Unless you are very well travelled where else can you look at photos of China, USA, Australia, etc, and feel that they are personal? Yes, I know you can browse Google Images, but it really is not quite the same.
Then you can actually ‘speak’ to the artists….
And you can buy their work without having to break the bank. Even a card put in a frame looks wonderful.
Your own work is looked at by more people in more countries than a local gallery. And you get nice comments. In a local gallery people look, think ‘Yes I like that’ and go home. Here you get comments.
And then, hopefully, fingers crossed, the icing on the cake, someone will buy a piece of your work. And even if you don’t know who the buyer is you can still say thank you.
(I have not yet sold anything and a couple of weeks ago was getting very despondent. Then I thought about it and yes, it would be lovely to sell something, but just having people look is really wonderful.)
Yes, this is a wonderful place.
Drawbacks? Not many at all – just not having enough hours in the day to look at everyone’s work!
So a big thank you (again) to all of you who have viewed/commented on my work.

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