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Photography is my passion, I take photos of anything, anywhere, and enjoy processing in Photoshop Elements and Picasa.

Away for 2 weeks....

Hello everyone

I apologise for not having had time to look at much work on RB in the last couple of weeks – visited my parents (planned to stay 3 days and stayed 8), and not been feeling too well this week.

And I apologise in advance for not commenting or viewing in the next couple of weeks but will be away on, hopefully, a sunshine holiday in Greece. Can’t wait….

I say this every couple of months and you are probably getting fed up of reading it BUT for those of you who have recently put me on your watchlist, I have ME and osteoporosis and my hands stiffen up if I type too much – hence the very brief comments I make (usually only two or three words). However, I will do a journal thank you like this on a regular basis.

So thanks to all my friends here who have looked and commented or just looked at my work – I am truly grateful and really appreciate it.



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