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Good morning,

A friend in California forwarded a channeled reading by Celia Fenn that I found very inspiring. Here are a few excerpts. Please visit her website: “” if this writing speaks to you and have a blessed day.

For, in the New Earth, each Awakened Being will enter into their own Sacred Communion with the Divine Source within, and systemized belief will fall away. You will join together to celebrate ceremonies and rituals of Light and Gratitude only according to the inner motivations of your Heart and Spirit, and you will follow the Divine Guidance of your own Inner Christ Light or Divine Truth. You will share with those whose Heart Light resonates with yours as you move into the Sacred Gift of Oneness, of the “One Heart” and “One Soul” that is the Source of all Love and Light.
Beloved Ones! It is a Blessed Time!

Take care, Kamalani

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