My first Journal entry

Hey everyone. So as you can see this is my first journal entry. Still getting used to how this site works. So any tips or anything will be appreciated :)
Alright, just gonna chuck a poem up and see how that goes.

Born Again
Roxanne Dunn

Born again in solitude,

embracing this reality,

nothing makes us see

when we are blind.

To the love we shared,

so long ago in peace,

something made us believe

in what we could find.

A fleeting moment lost,

remembered for eternity,

nothing can hold together

an unwanted thought.

Found something in a dream,

dismissing it’s potential,

something was forgotten

that had always been sought.

Retracing the steps taken,

to wind up back at the beginning,

not knowing what had come before

or what would come after.

Born again in secrecy,

embracing opportunity,

nothing makes us see

what we choose to deny.

So there you have it. My first entry is over. lol. Hope you enjoyed it

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