My work in New York

Dear Marlon Paul,

Congratulations on your upcoming inclusion in The Story of the Creative exhibition! We are incredibly excited for the show which features hundreds of artists from 103 countries across the globe.

To celebrate your work we’re hosting a special opening exhibition in New York City. Find here your official invitation to the event.

Your work will be on display at See.Me’s Long Island City gallery through September 10. Our gallery is open to the public, so if you’re not able to attend the opening, you will still have the chance to see your work on view at a later date.

Our curators are hard at work creating a beautiful and cohesive show. Images of your work are being pulled directly from your See.Me profile. They will likely be working up to the day of the event, so the first time you see your selected images will be on July 25th.

Lastly (and importantly!), this is a digital exhibition; images of your work will be shown on flat screen plasma monitors. You do not need to send or bring physical works.

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