Abigail - Walking on Sunshine

A majority of the student population would be sleeping at this time of day, if you could count it as being a part of day. The sky was still a deep blue and illuminated by sparkling dots and a giant silver orb. There was, however, the slightest hint of maroon appearing over the horizon. Only people, such as Abigail herself, were able to see this because of how early it was. Not yet day, but to late—or early—to be night time. Even the wildlife surrounding the school was still asleep, tucked into nests or burrows. The silence surrounding Abigail as she padded noiselessly towards the boys’ dormitories, and she embraced it with little enthusiasm. The sweet-faced girl had been in bed, wide awake for hours. Now she was heading to opposite gender’s dorms, where her cousin and his roommates slept, to make a huge breakfast. Usually, she wouldn’t start this process for another two hours or so, but her restlessness urged her to cook. Cooking was soothing.

Abigail had starting cooking for her cousin a few weeks after he arrived at the school. She had been a sophomore, a year past his freshman status, and that had pleased her quite a bit. Just to be a little bit ahead of him in something. That little bit (her being older and a year ahead) supplied with her enough of an ego boost to keep her floating all the way up to the present. The present in which she was still cooking for him, and the rest of his dorm, and cleaning up after all of them when they didn’t or forgot. Suffice it to say that Abigail Judson was an odd girl—she actually liked to be Susie Homemaker. So that was what she planned on doing.

As she walked through the entrance of the Boys’ Dorms, the brunette flicked on the lights with her elbows and peeked around for any sign of life. A silly act, she knew, seeing as she probably wouldn’t see any zombie-of-a-boy for a few hours (or so she assumed). Progressing to the kitchen area, Abigail switched on a few more lights and frowned at the sight before her. As familiar as it was, she could not believe it. The kitchen was a disaster. She hadn’t been there in three days and look what happened! Something burnt and rock-solid in a perfectly decent pan on the stove, a fork stuck to a cabinet door with something that looked like hard peanut butter, a tipped over cup of what resembled moldy cocoa, and…well, the list was endless. Abigail placed her two large, brown paper bags of groceries onto the floor and pinched the span of nose between her big brown eyes. What could she possibly do with this mess? The young woman came over to cook for them and they couldn’t even have a clean place for her to work? She sighed and closed her eyes as she thought about what to do.

After a few moments of just standing there, being consumed by even more silence, she took a deep breath and opened her eyes again. Alright, so the mess was bad, but it could be dealt with. All she had to do was…start somewhere. But where? The sink! She would have to cut up fruits and such, and wash them, so the sink had to be cleared first. In order to clear the sink, she had to unload the dishwasher and reload it. After doing so, Abigail cleared the counters of whatever it was that had been strewn about—papers, odd bobbles, writing utencils, dishes and silverware, a sock—that way she would have a place to set her things.

A quick worker, she stepped back to admire her work. The counters and sink looked shiny and new, so she relaxed a little. She set her bags onto the counter and began to pull things out. The home economics major had gone to the market just two days ago, all of her things were fresh and of the best quality she could find. A fan of a good diet, as long as it didn’t get in the way of good food, Abigail always made sure to include fruits and vegetables in her creations. However, she was making breakfast, so she had brought along many different types of fruits, things to make pancake and waffle batter, eggs, bread, butter, jelly, syrup, sausage, bacon, and salt and pepper along with a few other things. Whatever remained after the boys had their fill would stay there, taking up some space in their frigerator and cupboards.

Working had kept Abigail’s mind away from the fact that everything was still so quiet. On a normal day, when she’d gotten some sleep, silence would not have bothered her. The fact that she hadn’t slept combined with the the pointless was slightly agitating. In attempts to rectify the situation, she set her iPod on the dock next to the toaster and looked for something upbeat. Miss Judson eventually settled on “Walking on Sunshine” by Katrina and the Waves. A very corny song, in her opinion, but that was precisely why she loved it. It was happy. Plus, she knew all the words…so of course she sang at her stirring spoon as danced around a tad ridiculously while cleaning up the rest of the disaster.

Somewhere between removing the fork and peanut butter from the cabinet door, prying the unknown black substance off of the stove, and scrubbing every surface she could reach, Abigail had cranked up her music without thinking and started making pancakes. She was a multi-tasker and proud of it! Unfortunately, her music may have been slightly louder than sleeping persons may have appreciated. On the bright side, all she had to do was shove one of her various pancakes into said boy’s mouth, and he’d shut up right quick. If she was feeling nice, she would even let him choose which pancake. So far, she had made a few strawberry, a couple blueberry, and was working on some blackberry ones. A multi-tasker who likes variety? Oh, what a shocker.

Abigail - Walking on Sunshine

Kaiya Knox

New Orleans, United States

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A post for Paradise Pier.
(Collab with Petros Aer, David Q. Dawson, and Olivia Brighton)

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  • Kaiya Knox
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