Paranormal Collaboration Part Seven (by Steve Strodder)


This girl is insane, or over confident. I remember after my first night of training that I thought I could do anything. The scars on my arm from the cold iron whip end are a constant reminder that I couldn’t do anything.
I draw my knives as we approach a small house. I push energy into my Aura and my mind’s eye flares. The house is thick with vampire aura, a black web-like aether. I reach out and grab Shayla’s shoulder, pressing one finger to my lips in the classic be very quiet gesture. She nods and I send out tendrils of my own aura into the house. I close my eyes and the tendrils send back an image. It’s similar to how bats see in the dark.
I see a familiar aura – Asher’s. It is weak and fading. There is another vampire aura, fairly powerful and maybe two hundred and fifty years old.
And something else… It’s a little like a were’s, but the electricity of it isn’t energetic enough. I’m glad it isn’t a were. Even two fully fledged hunters couldn’t take a were out.
I creep through the remains of the front door with both knives raised. Shayla has a pair out as well. Her aura is a mean number so I’m hoping she uses that instead. I don’t really want her dead on the first night. I stand by the door of a room that I can feel Asher inside. And then a voice sounds that makes my skin crawl. The pure malice of it is all it takes.
“Where is she, Asher? We don’t have all night. In fact, we have about two hours of it left, and I’d hate to have to leave you alive when the sun comes up.”
“Geoff, how long ago was it that your balls rotted off?” I hear Asher say. “What kind of Master vampire lets the Fey push him around?”
I hear a dulled thud and the smell of vampire blood burning on contact with silver. Shayla swallows a gasp and I squeeze her arm. Not yet baby girl. She looks startled as she hears my voice in her head, then nods once.
“Come along now, Asher. They have death’s shadow fighting for them. If you were smart enough you’d be scared too.” I flinch. The paranormal community doesn’t know I’ve been banished yet. This could work in our favour.
“I’m scared of no Fey, Geoff.” I hear the wet sound of spit hitting a face and then the crack of a backhand slap followed by the metallic burning smell again. I feed on my Magick and let my most powerful form take over me. This one is a tall and lithe male figure, the frame rife with springy muscle but skeletal thin. To top it all off, there are no features – just a blackness. I use some more glamour to alter my voice to sound something like a Djinn, low, bubbling and menacing. I wink at Shayla, then realising she can’t see my face, I think, Follow my lead. I’ll take the vamp, you take whatever the other thing is. Try to destroy the head. It works pretty well as a general rule. Keep your aura consecrated the second it hits the ground until you’re sure it’s dead ok? She nods and I meld with the shadows and walk into the room, which is surprisingly huge. The vampire falters as he sees me.
“Geoff, your time has come. The angel of vengeance is here for you. Embrace your death.” I have my knives in hand and my aura flares blindingly bright, counteracting with his. Shit, he is one powerful vampire. I scan the room for the mystery Paranormal. She is passed out on the bed, her face the same as it is on all the emails I received when I was a hunter for the elders. Her name is Flic Stephenson, were-panther and supposedly a menace to the Fey community. I can’t tell for certain why. I’m pretty sure she’s like me, wouldn’t agree to help the elders so they put a bounty on her head.
“Angel of vengeance? You are no more than a Fey wearing a glamour. You are still a mere Fey, no match for a vampire.”
I chuckle, the sound is deep and bubbles evilly. I’m rather happy with that result.
“Do you not realise that glamour physically alters the wearer, not just visually? Poor Geoff, let me remind you of when you feared death.” I make my aura spin and run full tilt into him. His aura is rendered to pieces around mine. I smile viciously, then realise there’s no point really, seeing as he can’t see it.
I slash with my knives at his stomach and neck. He slithers between both strikes with the fluidity that only vampires truly possess. He unleashes a flurry of punches and I dance between them like a shadow. I jab at his right leg and draw blood, the metallic smell filling the air and the blessed silver of my blade sparks blue from the contact with the unholy creature. Geoff bites at me desperately, but it’s useless. A vampire bite will take you down a notch or six, but it really is very unlikely to hit anyone unless you’re pinned down.
I duck underneath and plunge the knife into his exposed throat. The knife sinks into but not quite through the vertebrae. He tries to hiss, but even the undead find it hard to make any noise with severed vocal chords. I pull the knife free and back away, circling him and jabbing and slashing whenever I see an opening.
Finally I see my chance. I plunge one knife through his back and pierce his heart. His body half dies and I use an aether spike to sever his head. The knife through his heart goes ice cold and I let go in a hurry. I go to consecrate the ground but halfway through the prayer Shayla screams at me.
“Don’t! Asher is still in the room!” I stop quickly before turning my best friend to ashes, and turn to cut the ropes, being careful not to nick him.
“Shayla, give him to me. I want you to consecrate the room. Tell me how you feel afterwards.” I pick Asher up with the glamour strength and take him down to his basement, which I’m guessing is where he spends the days. I feel my aura crackle and golden lines shoot from the ceiling. I blink at the pure holiness of the aether. Asher isn’t going to like not being able to enter the biggest room in his house for the next ten years.

Continues In Part Eight

Paranormal Collaboration Part Seven (by Steve Strodder)


Forresters Beach, Australia

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Part seven of my collab with Steve Strodder. Next part is by me. Enjoy!

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