The Happy Hunting Grounds Memorial Pet Park tribute

What is it about cemeteries that fascinate me? When I was grade school age, we lived near an old cemetery that rolled up and down hills that were covered in oak and maple trees. I used to love going for walks with my dog, Ginger there. She would sniff for squirrels and almost choke herself to death straining to go on the hunt.

As kids we used to play hide and go seek there – even at night – and never felt “spooked”.

I even took my wife-to-be there for a walk on one of the first visits to meet my parents – you think that might have been a warning to any average girlfriend. But she was not an average girlfriend, lucky for me.

Anyway, I think my interest lies in people’s past – who they were, what they did, how they shaped the world they were a part of. A thin, direct thread to history.

The Happy Hunting Grounds is such an appropriate name for the final resting place of these creatures. It was a very powerful feeling walking through the past bonds of “Master and Servant” and catching a glimpse of those lost relationships.

When the time comes, our border collie will go there and finally be able to eat out of all of the garbage cans she wants to and never, ever get sick…

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