Step Right In

Step right up and step right in
I want to let you in on no secret
For it will only be secret to some
Some of you will know this
And others have just begun

Here we go right now,
If you’re not ready for the ride
…just let it all wash through you
Sit back, enjoy the sight!

Seven hundred little rhythms
Live inside your ears
A thousand stars of freedom
Dance before your fears

A kaleidoscope of syllables
Shift on your inner breath
If you release your spirit
You can awaken to a death

There’s a way to see this life
That at first may seem insane
It’s to fall from pedestals you created
And then nurse your aching pain

It’s to leap from thoughts that guard your freedom
And trust you will not fall
You see, were all ruled by a feeling that it’s just too hard to live
A life unbound from what were taught, a life only to give

Take the journey of the extraordinary
It’s waiting for you to tell your story

Step right up and
Jump right in,
Give up your useless fight
Listen to your wings
They only want to fly
Give in to the brightness
Piercing through your sky
Give voice to your wisdom
Waiting to be tried

Can’t you feel the trust?
In the centre of your being
Longing for your eyes to turn
And face your fears within

Can you hear the sound?
That’s your ego breaking
Your walls are falling down
You’re peeling back the layers
You created from your crown
You’re stripping back the noise
To reveal a hidden sound
That’s been burning in your being
And moving through your breath
Seeping through your seeing
And curling through your head

Set free the me inside you
It wants to laugh and play
Set free the me beyond you
Let it have its way

What are you afraid of?
What can you not see?
Imagine beauty times a thousand
Then you will see your ‘me’
Not to mention purity
Eternity and absolute equality
Divinity, ecstasy
And a surging electricity
Atomic structure surfacing
Fields of dreams illuminating
Body and mind initiating
Jamming, loving, God creating

Choose to honour you
Times not growing any shorter
Start off slow
Sow your seeds
Busy yourself with dreams
Break your world of 9 to 5
Find your joy to be alive!

Sing out loud the music
In the universal hymn
What are you waiting for?
Step right up
Just jump right in!

Why are we still here?
Throw away your chairs of passive rest
Get in line,
Choose to shine
Embark now on your quest

What’s that?
You don’t know how?
Let me break it down for you
Are you ready for the now?

Step one is hard, a breaking cutting, snapping of your knowing,
For the wise and happy must choose to know that in fact, they know nothing

Step two
Listen and be patient,
It may take some time
You’ve been ignoring all these years
The words of the divine
The showing of the signs
And the bombs around the mines

It may seem a little scary
But you have to build your faith
For your journey of a thousand miles
Begins in empty space

You may have to spend some time here
To prepare you for the ride
Learn to listen and be open
To whisperings of your signs

And be prepared to be humbled
For it may hurt your precious ‘me’
So you may come to the table
With an empty cup of tea
For if you’re full
Of past “I knows”
The universe may scold you
When it pores to you its key

Step three,
Its time to fill your cup
But hurry yourself and you risk losing
The journey of drop, by drop, by drop

Gather words of nectar
From the universal law
Throw away your pleasures of indulgence
They only create war

Caste yourself to the wind
Get lost to find yourself again
Sway with change, limb by limb
Greet a stranger to meet a soul friend

Never stand back
From the eyes of a storm
For within its spinning walls
Holds a stillness that is yours

Step four
Keep up with the pace
For your changing world is shedding
Its sense of time and space

But here is where you may get stuck
For it’s not all about you
If you have not learnt how to give
Go back to step two

The universe depends you see
On a karmic realm of equality
If you’ve been taking more than giving
You’re insulting the natural order of living

What’s that? You dot know how to give?
Try compassion for all of those who live
Without life’s rhythm coursing through their veins
Without the sound of sunshine through the rain
Or a touch of insight on their pain

Restrain your ego by not demanding
Give love and heal through understanding
For only in giving can you feel the source
Of your deepest natural loving force

Alight and now arise
To embrace step number five
Imagination, transformation
Knowledge of soul creation!

By now you should have realised
Life is simplified
Muster storms of freedom
Let loose your inner child
To dream a dream so beautiful
It almost hurts your eyes
To dream a scene so vivid
You dare to visualise

A great woman once said:
“You never had a dream
Without the power to make it true
So long it’s for the good of all
It will surely come to you”

But there’s one thing you mustn’t forget
To hold your bold dreams lightly
For if you close your fist around them
Your greed will drive the journey

Release, and float them to your sky
So they’ll live forever more
As stars for you to aim to
And for the universe to strive for

Step six and seven, eight nine ten
Turn into your thousand cycles of zen
Then you may find yourself at one
A cycle completed, a new one begun

You cannot measure this distance in time or in space
Nor have an opinion of its worth or its pace
Tiring it may seem when you think about it
But once you’re on the journey you won’t have to “dream” about it

You’ll do it, you’ll live it and at the end of your days
You’ll smile a smile of knowing in a million ways
From all the spaces you’ve travelled on inwardly
And the kingdoms you’ve discovered out openly
And all the times you’ve shared so lovingly
And all the fears you’ve touched so willingly

But if you don’t take the step
and stay stuck now in your ways
Ignoring the yearnings
behind all your growing days

Then know no matter how hard
You hold on to your shore
Your sea will crack with yearning
For you to listen to its call

And its breeze will echo freedom
For you to rise and then to fall
In love with your rhythm
And trusting of your core

So place your faith in constant change
And your pride down to lay
For the tighter you hold on
The more you’ll be swept away

Step Right In

Nathalie 2day

Glenhuntly, Australia

  • Artist

Artist's Description

A poem to drive home the inspiration to shine!

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