The Spring Clean

I love a good spring clean, so I went through my “art” (I use the term loosely) and got rid of the stuff that hasn’t really sold or hasn’t grabbed the interest of the community. I figure there’s no point cluttering up RedBubble or my own portfolio with stuff that isn’t (apparently) interesting.

The cool thing is that after I nuked a bunch of photos and art, my t-shirt designs popped up to the top of my profile, which is a much better representation of what I think I’m best at.

I think I need to nuke some of the tee designs as well.

Sometimes choice is a bad thing, so I’m going to see how things go with less stuff in my portfolio, rather than more. I can see why people think “more stuff = more chance of being noticed = more sales”, but I’m willing to bet “less stuff = higher quality = less choice = more sales”.

Let’s see how we go!

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