Wondering About Sales

I guess I should write something in this thing eh?

Let me start by saying that I’m one of the developers working away on RedBubble…

So, I’m sitting here looking at the wonderful new Activity Monitor, and thinking to myself that it’d be really great to know who bought my work, not just what they bought.

Originally I really pushed for the exact opposite of that. I felt like it was bordering on a privacy issue, but when I consider it along side “Grant Bissett just commented on Blah” and “Kath just added Blah as a favorite” it sort-of seems like it doesn’t seem like a privacy problem at all.

I guess it depends on what sort of community you’re building. And I’d like to think it’s the sort of community where I can see who bought one of my things, go check out their things, and maybe buy one in return.

It feels like the sort of connection I want to make. Just like I love buying CDs off bands when I go to a gig, partly because I get the chance to meet the band and tell them I enjoyed the show.

So what’s the downside? You could argue that it’s nobody’s business who bought stuff off who. Maybe it doesn’t matter on low ticket items, but when you’re talking about artwork over a few hundred dollars, it basically says “this guy has decent cash to spend on art, and he likes your stuff”, which sort-of changes the relationship between the artist and the buyer forever.

So, things could stay like they are right now, no problem. Things could also go the other way, and everything could be disclosed to everyone. I’m thinking that wouldn’t be too much of a problem either.

But maybe it’d be better still if it was a preference on your account:

  • yeah, sure, tell the artist it was me that bought their stuff, or
  • no, I’d rather not

Keep things private if you care about that sort of thing, but encourage as many connections and relationships as possible.

What do you think? Are you paranoid about this sort of stuff, or am I making a big deal outta nothin’?

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