Attention Tee Designers

I’m on a bit of a mission. I won’t tell you much about it yet, but if you…

  • have a design in the all-time popular tees
  • think design is pretty awesome (in general)
  • think the internet is pretty cool as well
  • want something better to do than watch tv at night
  • would like to be part of a few online experiments

… then please go register your interest in Project One. Numbers are strictly limited to 100 people, but don’t panic, if we are successful in our mission, there will be many more projects.

You may feel free to spread the word to people you feel should know.

Who's your favorite artist on RedBubble?

If you had to vote just one artist/designer/writer on RedBubble who’s work consistently amazes, inspires, provokes or entertains you, who would it be? Or maybe I should put it another way…

Who should we all be adding to our watchlists? Who have we missed? Who’s slipped between the cracks? Who do recommend above all others on RedBubble?

Please add your recommendation (just one) to the comments below. Telling us why would be great too. And please feel free to share this post around to make sure it gets heaps of exposure.

Get new work widgets on your Mac OS X dashboard

So, if you’re a Mac user (hooray) and you’ve got Leopard (10.5 or greater) and you’d love to have some of the featured tees or art or writing as widgets on your Dashboard, it’s really easy.…

1. Open your Safari web browser

2. Go to one of the pages that change a lot, like popular clothing in the last day

3. Go to the File menu, then select Open in Dashboard

4. This brings up a little selection tool. Select the portion of the screen you want as a widget (for my example, I selected the top-left image, but you could select the top row, or whatever you like)

5. Up the top of the screen there’s a purple bar with a button “Add”… click it!

6. The selected area now appears in your Dashboard. It’s really like a window into a little portion of the web page on RedBubble, and as it changes, so will

That connection

I sold a tee today, which is nothing all that new, but this one was different.

What was different is that as I was notified of the sale, I was also told who it was who bought it (because they said it was okay) and also why they bought it. And the reason was actually really cool and interesting, not just “cool tee”, but something real.

The Spring Clean

I love a good spring clean, so I went through my “art” (I use the term loosely) and got rid of the stuff that hasn’t really sold or hasn’t grabbed the interest of the community. I figure there’s no point cluttering up RedBubble or my own portfolio with stuff that isn’t (apparently) interesting.…

The cool thing is that after I nuked a bunch of photos and art, my t-shirt designs popped up to the top of my profile, which is a much better representation of what I think I’m best at.

I think I need to nuke some of the tee designs as well.

Sometimes choice is a bad thing, so I’m going to see how things go with less stuff in my portfolio, rather than more. I can see why people think “more stuff = more chance of being noticed = more sales”, but I’m willing to bet “less stuff = higher quality = le

3 weeks outside the Bubble

In a few hours, I’ll wake up, say goodbye to my pugaliers, and head to Melbourne Airport with Kate for 3 weeks floating around Europe, away from the ’Bubble — London, Paris and then over to RailsConf in Berlin to get my geek on.

I’m never all that good at taking time off, but the idea of taking three weeks away from that little building in Fitzroy after nearly 11 months “going nuts” feels really strange right now.

They’ll be utterly fine without me of course.

So, I’ll be adding even less art and tees to my portfolio for the next few weeks, spending even less time in the forums, but I’ll check in when I can, so keep the good stuff coming!

Yeah yeah, no more pugs!

I know, I should actually apply my talents to real artwork and tee designs, but it’s just so easy to snap a shot of Meg or Gus, and I’m already far too busy in my role as “one of the RedBubble” elves.

Anyway, it was great for some of my low-res stuff to be sellable again as greeting cards (by the way, these cards are awesome and I’m already spending up big!) and let’s face it, these make really great cards even if they were just happy snaps that worked out.

My cart currently says “15 items” and my wife is shaking her head at me as I hunt the site for more things to buy, but that’s ok isn’t it?

Hooray for greeting cards, hooray for pugs!

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