I need YOU!

Hello all, (all being used generally as to the fact i’m not sure how many people will see this)!

Redbubble has done many exciting things for me! One of the latest, a lovely comment from a fellow Redbubble-er referring me to the site “Threadless”. It has to do with getting your shirt/clothing designs out there and noticed. However, after it has been approved, it needs votes in order to be (possibly) put into production.
I know, this is kind of shameless self promotion, but i would very much appreciate the help!!


and vote please!!! tell your friends! Heck, tell strangers!
I would really appreciate all the help!

P.S. (as of today 16/12/2010, it is being processed, if you would like to vote for it, please check back in a little while to see if the voting is open, or even send me a message and i can give you a proper link that has it all done up for you!)

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