New Australian Music Wanted for Circuit Breaker 2

Callout for Tracks for Circuit Breaker 2

A couple of years back Lightsounds pioneered a way for our customers to release their own original music via the Circuit Breaker CD. With a nationwide callout we received hundreds of entries from all over Australia and even from ex-pats living in Japan and the UK. The debut Circuit Breaker CD established a new standard in home grown electronic compilations when released in 2007. Circuit Breaker artists went on to receive air and club play both locally and internationally, sign record deals in Australia with tracks even licensed overseas.

A slew of wicked reviews and album of the week tags had dance fans and electro heads alike asking the question: how do we get on the next one? Well here we go again with Circuit Breaker 2.

Get your freshest original electro, tech, dub, rave, minimal, house and hip hop tracks and send to: Circuit Breaker 2, P O Box 19, Canterbury, NSW 2193

Alternatively you can send us a link to download via megaupload or you-send -it or similar [Please send files in .wav of .aiff format] to . And remember Circuit Breaker is sample free so original compositions only please.

Entries close August 31, 2009 so you’ve got plenty of time to start producing up a storm. Circuit Breaker 2 is gonna smash it big time so get your circuits sizzling now.

Go to for more details and updates.

*Praise for Circuit Breaker Vol 1:

FBI Radio: Sunset Album of the Week

EDGE Radio: Album of the Week

3D Magazine:
“Even a cursory listen to Circuit Breaker Vol 1 will fill you with faith and pride in the Australian music scene. The crew from Lightsounds decided it was high time to draw some of those wicked tracks out of the computers of local producers and bands and bring them into the limelight. The result is an extremely impressive collection of hip hop, breaks and electro that will quite frankly knock your socks off.‰ 7/10.

BRAG Magazine:
“Firstly props must be given to Lightsounds for putting money behind emerging Australian talent and with this being Volume One we can only hope for more. It won‚t be long until these artists are filling dance floors world wide.” **** (4 Stars)

BEAT Magazine:
“Listen up wannabe producers- the Circuit Breaker series is your chance to be heard. This homegrown compilation from Lightsounds aims to get your music out of your bedroom. Volume 1 has a buffet of electronic splendour ranging from Hip Hop to Breaks and Electro. And despite the amateur status of these artists, the quality at hand is anything but.” **** 4 Stars

RAVE Magazine:
“This CD, compiled following a nationwide call-out for new electronic music, offers a strikingly diverse but surprisingly cohesive sampling of emerging Australian hip hop and electronic talent. Highlights are numerous. All in all, a compilation that’s both worthy and worth your time.”

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