Redbubble in the Top 10 (t-shirt charts)

Congrats RB!! Big ups to all the bloggers.
This info taken from the website :-

*The last chart of the year, and an interesting one. We deliberately kept it back a couple of days so we’d catch all the blogging about Black Friday sales – and BOY did it make a difference. Threadless off the top spot and 20 new entries in the top 50. There are about 100 extra teecos covered by the full chart this month – which is amazing (well, I think it’s pretty amazing!). Well done to Linty Fresh – obviously working the PR magic with the highest new entry!_

_As a reminder, this chart monitors all the tshirt blogs and watches which sites they link to from their homepage posts.

1. designbyhumans.com2. lafraise.com3. threadless.com4. store.glennz.com5. store.mediocoreclothing.com6. lintyfresh.com7. printliberation.com8. a-better-tomorrow.com9. shirtcity.com10.

(see the top 50 on the site)

For the data geeks out there mintelligence made one change to the chart algorithm for us this month – removing more paid / affiliate / streetteam style links from the counts. This hit Threadless pretty hard – as they appear in most blogger sidebars with a streetteam tag. But I think this makes for a more interesting chart, actually reflecting the coverage new tees get, rather than the baseline popularity of a site*

Everyone loves charts , come on RB how about a RB top 100???


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