Left Behind

The red and blue lights flashed reflecting off the fence and the rollar door silently, the ambulance parked in the drive way, the neighbours venturing out to see but staying safely in their own yards. The trolley, with the covered body rolled respectfully out the front door and into the waiting tomb of the ambulance, the doors shut enclosing it, leaving the neighbours wondering what happened and mostly unsure because of the darkness of the night whether it was an injury or illness, or body.

The two other young occupants of the duplex stood huddled in the doorway, tears rolled down her face, he stood statue like, no one made a noise as the ambulance slipped away down the street and they were descended into almost darkness as the intrusive red and blue light shrank off.
She moved first, turning, brushing past him into the house, sinking into a chair at the table. He stood motionless his body shadowing her from the porch light.
She slowly traced her finger around the table in mindless motion, wanting to speak but not having anything to say.

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