One fine day

Today it is cold and rainy, and i am stuck at home with the flu. Boredness struck me quickly and i decided to result to the internet.
Once again, i have been successful in overcoming my boredness by this time, creating an account with RedBubble.
Recently i have overheard talk about RedBubble so i thought i would try it out.
I hope that this will be a way i can show my work to a vast amount of people.
I know that i am young, and i know many people will think i know nothing and should not bother, but thats the reason i am here. I want to express to people that just because i havent been doing this for a very long time, it doesn’t mean that i know nothing, that my work is worthless. I have started somewhere, like every photographer or artist has done in their lives. I am not here to sell my work, but to purely show people what i am doing.
I would love feedback, positive and negative, so i know how to improve.

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