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Born in the south of France / Graduated from Language uni’s in France + England (teaching certificates) / Worked in France,...

First day on Red Bubble

Well hello dear
You’ve found your way up to here, haven’t you? Good.
I must tell you how surprised I was by the positive, warm, kind comments I received to my pictures even as I was still uploading them. Then with a few clicks I realised it was dead easy to browse thousands and thousands of beautiful shots. Competition is tough, you might say, dear, but I prefer to see all this as a treasure chest, in which everyone of us can find what they’re looking for. I myself prefer natural landscapes and crude portraits, in black and white if possible. Yet my jaws can drop when looking at some amazing composition, revealing the creativity in the artist’s mind. It’s unbelievable what the Internet has allowed people to do, how it has allowed them to express themselves freely and boundlessly. Now the other side of the coin is it’s a rather thorny choice that buyers have to do. The probability that the right person should come across the right picture is reduced.
I am hopeful, though, my dear. If you’ve read this text, there is hope after all.

Until next
Au revoir
Yours truly.

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