A Couple Of New Bubblers To Check Out

Hi All,First I just want to again say a HUGE thankyou for all the lovely comments that areleft on my photos. I feel so priveliged to be here. You are all ever so nice and I wishI could meet you in person. Thanks guys n gals.Secondly, I have roped my daughter and my brother into RedBubble and I’d like youto go have a look at their work. I still haven’t worked out how to do the ‘link’ thing yetso I’ll just give you their profile names. My daughter: ‘Chantel Martin’ and that is herproper name, and my brother Allen Farnham: ‘Allenjohn’.

Cheers everyone and may God bless you all abundantly . Julie x x x x
PS You can also click on them in my watchlist. Man in red shirt and lady in white blouse beside him. Cheers

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