2016 Calendars available... and more

September is flying past already, as has the rest of 2015, and once again we must turn to thoughts of Christmas and the New Year. Yes. Sorry… we must!

I have made my artwork available on numerous products, from prints, cards, mugs, bags, and phone/laptop covers etc, any one of which could be the perfect gift for an art loving friend or family member.

However I have also created a 2016 CALENDAR with a selection of my Charcoal and gold leaf pieces. Perfect for a Christmas stocking filler, or even a sneaky treat for yourself.
(Size 11.7″ × 16.5″ – A3)

In addition I have also created a 2nd calendar filled with stunning beach scenes and beautiful scenery from around Cornwall.
All photographs have been taken my me over the last 19 years of living on the beautiful Cornish coast.

Lastly you many notice a section in my portfolio entitled ‘Basset Hounds’. Well, my beloved Basset Nimh shared a very happy 10 years with me in Cornwall, and she features in many of my images. I thought it only right to give her a space in fond memory. And to give a shout out to all the fellow Basset Hound owners out there who may also be searching for a Basset themed stocking filler ;)
There will be more Basset images to come, and quite possibly, a Basset calendar too… keep checking back, or follow me on FACEBOOK.
See you there! :)

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