Carrigallen, Ireland

I live in the lovely county of Leitrim in Ireland & have been taking photographs for about 5 years / My camera is my eye on the...

One Year

My first 12 months on RB has arrived! My last entry expressed my dismay at the new layout , but I have to say that right from the word go , here on the Bubble I have made some lovely friendships & that is what keeps me here more than anything else No other site can match the sense of community we have here
A year ago I purchased my first DSLR & a lot of learning how to work with my lovely Canon 450 , has come thru watching the beautiful art displayed by other RB members People have been so kind with their time , words & support …I even managed a Bubblemeet with Ragman & Chris Cardwell!
Before joining I had not seen any texture work , so those who view my PF know that its now become my second obsession!!
On the home front , things have changed too , I now make my own greeting cards , the front is always one of my originals & I design the inside to make them that little bit different
I have become confident enough in my own work to hold an exhibition of shots taken in & around my town ( at our local library ) i even managed to sell a print of the Old Woodmill:-)
The latest news is a BIG step . Im opening a little studio !!! Its not as grand as it seems , as my friend is opening a florist shop & Im renting the annexe to work from & promote my cards Basically I have out grown the spare bedroom , so its more of a workspace than a shop , but Im very excited to be more involved with the general public & its the perfect location as flowers & cards go so well together
So once again , to all my fellow Bubblers , a huge thanks for your humour , support & friendship !!! I l look foreward to seeing what you all prdouce in the next 12 months

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