How to Upload T-shirt Designs

I put this journal in here, for all to see, as I have been asked quite a few times recently how to do it. So I thought I would just save myself having to type it every time.

For all that need help to upload T-shirt designs.
First You need to go into where you upload T shirt images and save the T shirt template to your own personal files.
Then go into your photo program and open a new work area selecting TRANSPARENT in the background drop box. Then set the mega pixels to exactly 2400×3200.
Next put the template on to fit the workspace, and put your image over it centering it on the red lines. When you are happy with the placement etc of your image, delete the template and save the image as a PNG file. It is now ready to upload.
Hope this helps. I decided to put this info in here for all to read, as I had to type at least 4 times last night.
Good luck.

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