Interview with MichaelBr

My intreviw with MichaelBr very talented Photographer
I asked Michael for this interview,after i dicovered his talent in my grroup"The art of the middle east"

My creativity
There is so much beauty and interest out there, we didn’t create it. I
understand my creativity as photographer as focusing on the things I
like and that interest me in a way that will isolate it from its
environment and enable the spectator to concentrate on it without
distraction. The focus can be achieved in any of the four dimensions
space or time by blurring out what is around or by catching a decisive
moment. One of the great things of being a photographer is that it
trains your eye to find something special and noteworthy everywhere. I
passed the same street hundreds of times but only after sitting down
with a camera, with the intent to take pictures I started to enjoy the
beauty of the people passing by. Once you have done it you will continue
to see interest everywhere.

How does being a creative person and pursuing your creativity affect
other aspects of your life?

I like being creative in whatever I do. Science, my profession, hobby
and one of the things I love to do, is also a creative endeavor. However
the fraction of time during which you are creative, compared to the rest
of the time where you do routine work, is much less then in photography.
Being creative is addictive so that it can take a lot of time from the
things you “have to do” like putting your kids to bed or writing grant

Tell us about one person or moment that has made your time on redbubble
particularly special or meaningful?

There were of course many however I will mention two as they covered two
very distinct directions of photography. I came from directions of
nature, bird and landscape photography and I got here inspiration in
fields that were new for me.

The first is called TextureoftheSin
and lives in southern
Australia, the furthest place from here. She is making absolutely
wonderful nude selfportraits. I had a very interesting bubblemail
exchange with her about now and why she is doing it. It was just before
I attended my first nude photography class so that this gave me a lot of

The second is JudyJB, who is
much closer to home, and who shoots absolutely wonderful street
portraits. Her work and comments was a great inspiration and technical
help. It was also striking how places very close geographically can
yield very different types of portraits. Judy is the featured
photographer of
Art of the Middle East
this month for her
wonderful picture baking pitta

Show & tell us about five works on redbubble that have moved or inspired

Nude 10


A self taught photographer from a small village in southern Spain who
makes outstanding haunting photos. This portrait is immensely
captivating and moving.

Hers was a pale dress

by Jessica Tremp

Stranger Creek Fog

by Carla Jandell Petters

A nature photographer who specializes in mushrooms. This BW photo has so
much atmosphere and detail.

“Kettledrum ? yes! ":

Mohamad Khaksar
from Iran.

This is a highly poetic and very beautiful Silhouette. He has several
others and it was for me exciting to communicate with this lovely and
kind artist from Iran

Thank you so much for agreeing to the interview.It was a honor and pleasure to talk to you.

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