Sarasota, United States

Just found a very good feeling capturing photos from any day , anywhere in life. I now live on the Gulf of Mexico where art is a constant...

Kayla fans

She is doing well. A little ‘cranky’…( guess we all would be),,but MUSC wants to release her into the Ronald McDonald House and Jen feels like it is too soon..Jennifer is having a bad day,,so I am staying here until things are settled..but overall,,she is going to be a normal little girl soon…a bit of recovery, approx 3 months at home then overall a year to be stable if all goes well.

Kayla drew a flower that will be added to Darrell’s and Maddy’s ’Flower Power" as soon as I can get the drawing..Also others have actually sent Kayla gifts,,how wonderful and thankful to you ….we all ahve our own way of giving hope and faith..I want to thank you all, but it is far from over..Keep doing what you are doing..It will all show in the future.. and am sure Kayla will thank you all personally when time is right..so hang in there !!

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