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Just found a very good feeling capturing photos from any day , anywhere in life. I now live on the Gulf of Mexico where art is a constant...

Maddy added another 'fundraiser item for Kayla

I want to thank all of you that is following this story. I truly understand if one cannot buy a t-shirt,,so maybe a card will attract your attention. You may think that is a tiny amount and not necessary. but post surgery, Kayla and Jennifer will need to post stay in a motel residence near by MUSC..Only $24 buys them a night..So please dont think a card will not help..It truly will. The little things are what they will need ..Gas money, rent money, and food. I am just wanting to keep you all informed..
This all will happen so fast for them, this is why we are starting now.
Jen and Kayla are coming over tonight. I will get a photo and make sure everyone knows Kayla and Jennifer personally. THANK YOU ONE AND ALL..!!

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