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Just found a very good feeling capturing photos from any day , anywhere in life. I now live on the Gulf of Mexico where art is a constant...

Kayla's Angel

I do not have any words to describe the kindness on this site. I started talking about Kayla’s transplant, as I am very closely envolved with this on a very personal basis..I did not imagine all the kind emails, notes, bubblemail from the people on this site and now Maddy’s tee shirts..I THANK YOU ALL !!! Monetary funds are great for Jen , but prayers and emails are so very important, and the emails etc, has been forwarded to Jen for reading with Kayla..I am placing a link here for all of those interested.


I will keep all informed as things go along,,everything for Jennifer and Kayla are so stressful and mind boggling, not knowing what life brings..I am the Media Coordinator for the fund rasier when it gets off , soon hopefully but positions take alot of time and Jen is waiting for a volunteer for Campaign Coordinator.

I also received a very kind plush toy for her and a wonderful card made especially for her along with a poem in her honor..She has no idea at 8, how lucky she is to have friends so far and near that is thinking of her. I am going to keep a journal on all this for the future..

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