Sarasota, United States

Just found a very good feeling capturing photos from any day , anywhere in life. I now live on the Gulf of Mexico where art is a constant...

Red Bubble Friend

After my journal entry about a friend’s daughter needing a kidney transplant, I got the most wonderful bubblemail, telling me her own story. I am not going to mention her name at the moment, as I will not invade her privacy. She is a wonderful artist on Red Bubble, and a heart of gold ! I want to thank her for her words and caring. Some of you may know who it is, but if not,,I am guaranteeing, that you are watching her wonderful art on here.

Isn’t if funny how life works??? What a circle !!

Thank you ALL that bubblemailed, as I gave the notes to Kayla,,and she and her mom read them together..I thank you one and all !!

Art and photography is so great to bring friends together !

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