Sarasota, United States

Just found a very good feeling capturing photos from any day , anywhere in life. I now live on the Gulf of Mexico where art is a constant...

I too, am not going to be active

I have not found what I really need on RB..There are wonderful artisits,, but my work has taken me in other direction. I also so appreciate those that responded to my work with Kayla, the transplant child, You were all wonderful. I am not going to take my work off completely at this moment as I have business cards and a link with RB info, but will not active on RB. I do not want any of my consistant friends that commented to be offended. I appreciated all comments you gave me. I do see alot of situations I am not comfortable wit on RB. Again, thanks and bless you one and all !!! Judy aka judithe//// If interested in my work please visit my personal website: www.juditheh.com

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