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Pencil artist Jude Cowell draws at a drafting table in the trees near Atlanta, Georgia USA and blogs on Political Astrology at Stars Over...

Obama to Washington DC, Jude to Red Bubble

Okay, it’s hardly the same – Barack Obama and family have now swept into my favorite city, Washington, DC this weekend, Congress reconvenes on Tuesday, Jan 6 – and I’ve just discovered Red Bubble!

The word so far is that Red Bubble is user-friendly and a wonderfully encouraging place for artists to offer their work.

And though I’ve not figured out yet how to drive without sliding off the trail, there is hope for this creative change, and I look forward to viewing more of the amazing works of Art here in the Red Bubble community.


Jude Cowell
Athens, GA, USA

Cosmic, Archetypal, Children’s, Botanical, and Chiffonery Art of the drawing persuasion; primarily using Prismacolor oil and Rexel Derwent watercolour pencils on Strathmore paper, black or white.

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