Poems to Min !!

. Poems to min 1——-8
and too
to get me there
behind your eyes

for ever
so all ways
flowers bloom
out from; all
over you
distanced kissed
you from where
i looked from
did love’s seed
kiss moistened
soon setting
some status quo
bush blooms bud-
plus ‘all’ and
‘over’ you
all your pores
……….my eyes
‘haps t’wilderness’
calls-out; th’ voice thing
playin’ prophesy ‘gin,
or just tellin’, doin’s:
diggin’ the past, e’en
like eyes and stature;
spittin’ attitude;
whole new -she, only
fruit in th’ tree: ’
. . . . . . . . . . . . . .e

ver pick the fruit when
the fruit-tree says hi! ?
. . .. . .poem wrote its self
food left, simmering
two left on their own,
as i thought baptist
john ‘d do nice now
this new _came, see’d, and ___ _
stuttering, I
to keep pushin’ ‘side
words that wanna-sprout;
trippin’ over wanna-do’s,
just catchin’ my self:
—poet_ pulled back in box
tucked in
. . . . . . . . with jack-in
i am, Min, @gmail.com; name, front:
juddarwin; made-up to challenge Darwin,
utilising the part-judas name, jud,
as though to be ready with that kiss, I
would rather be a kiss to do with love,
always, as ’twere by right of fitting well
all ways, to register what first but seemed
but suggested, by sound: perfect-fitting,
promising perfectly to fit! ’chinese

boxes’ into each other,instead of
the one into the other: no can do,
although, apparency declares; that is,
if one can use ‘apparent’ thataway:
only love can show two how two can do:
fit into each other, unlike chinese-
boxes, fit together very nicely,
love, easing, aiding, re-drawing all the lines
for you & me everywhere, should they fit:
in any way they choose to draw the lines
(they do, trace well, our celestial bits; eyes,
across crowded rooms? \ to other eyes
to signal/code/play, what ever will do
as horse-whisperers also do
………………………………………to woo
it would chance the event/proposition
we all respond to by how we stand, asked
steps that actually is a dance, unseen,
often answered by responses, unheard,
given marriage/adultry consumates
across crowded rooms’ film-like enchantments;
to, not, mention dark possibilities:
not entirely to keep jack in his box,
perception then, Percy, limited by
- vanishing mists, within bits, in atoms
then, nothing, said Frank Hill the science student,
there was nothing more to see, there, he said:
maybe suggesting, instead, sight’s limit,
was the corollary, immediately
reality is that tune
you will discover dancing
through what’s physics.
salome embodies/manifests.
await some rhythmn, you didn’t
now that you note the second to that first.
somehow datum three someway
may even add to the tune already
sounding forth its beginning;
another fag, as easily \ one they forbid.
figuratively maybe a director’s cut.
possible extrapolation, study your
astronomy, biochemistry & geology
(reading slow, too, biology/botany).
reading gen science, discovering \
following a hunch did find that
Earth’s most abundent, Nitrogen,
coordinating aestheically, maybe,
also had nine particles rotating
around its nucleus, as planets, nine.
reality is wanting to be all nine planets
rotating around you, fantasy permitting,
thinking always in terms of a multiple of
me, than me among others, wanting to
experience each tiny part, myself, that
i sometimes wonder whether i fantase
also being, you, as well: but, suddenly,
no, instead, then, wanting nine of you
rotating around me, greedily awaiting
to experience how each of you will take
that nineth part of me and how you all
will fold around me differently from my
nine folding around you and will exhiler-
ation, tend towards horror or bliss or mixt:
differently from how we thought/wanted
the experiantial?
i see the face lovedrawn
i see its lips say my name
i see its texture smoothe, its skin
all filled with powdered particles
instead of with me kissed-in
so far!
as fine as the choiciest sheet of paper
ere we lie enscribed ­everywhichwayand
in many words thinking themselves
rhythmnwrought, the music hid
within, inside, indepth;
verily marrow/lava:
ink, to paradoxicate;
all things gather too
like ink/blood, to
drop upon newton’s head:
get baked into pies;
many prospective
good boys pluck!
takers of cues do!
a pintful o’ kiss
‘d do as first-kiss,
sayin’ hello! —Then
god! how i love you!,
my lips could chew yours
as you —as we, speak;
mouth them in mine, yes,
suckle, yea, work! them,
the oyster, inside;

there’re others, indoors,
one in ev’ry pore.’

hey, you know
‘twas because
thinking hand-…
writes -imprints
of writing

— _the nib’s art_ -
the message
via love-kneads;
all o’er her
(that movie!)
body, i
saw scribbbling
ink scrawlings
some daubs
huge prints-of . . .
my choice desk,
writing on
you; your head
on my lap;
write more lines
every time
on your un

and the kiss
and, well: feast
(high protein) ;
enjoy, your
eyes; yes, non-
word commun…
gotta do its
an’ we goon
all ‘em ways
can spell ’om;
can pronounce
mountains e’en
to ope/pass
to wake! up
just in time
an’ seek Moist
an’ Givin’,

; confident,
cause its there
an’ get! there
in time, and
hear angels sing
grow silent
each text, has
its own line(s)
writ or not;
itself too, text.



& i am the breeze
u suddenly feel;
and those goose-pimples,
sudden exposure
he said i’ll always \
all ways, write again
about the same girl,
over and over
whatever name or
description i chose;
but when lara read:
it’s you, zhivago,
had said: but lara
said, no, it is you.
i don’t believe him.
he, my writing prof.,
though i get his point.
i did, before now
think of all as one,
or one essential
needed ingredient,
or indirectly
the one i’m always
all ways creating
from yet the same source
as though re-thrown dice
upside down theory,
from the many books
a writer’s written:
if they stop telling
writers what they ought to
in the way they write
they won’t then say the
ought, then, always there,
not: asked depiction,
again, another,
unless sayin’ the same
memorized old lines
like the formula;
repeated repeats
taken as the same
always written of
no, not know nothing.
aah! good beginning!
let what you write of
decide how you write,
the only pattern:
all the worlds are there
in my head and blood
in my ink to write
the very next line
true for every line
and that’s
-————-true for love

Poems to Min !!


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