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i am AS i am (discovery than platform): I sculpt chisel my letters (runes?) ’sthough on stone, remembered when vanishes...


It Wakes Rosemarie Who Knudges Me

ls it, a citizen, is as a nation thinks itself sitting at the U.N. , meaning protest, is no more than one optional reaction; a policeman, a disturbance, you can imagine, thinking to hinder/
discourage nation’s representative.…

Is it, treason is, a private change-of-policy as if as when government’s trades with nations in which their citizens (soldiers inc.) died fighting (or otherwise) for less than 50 years --er…er…how many years does treason…?

The Nobel committee said the Chinese gov. should show
responsibility and allow citizens to freely criticize its gov., when platforming this year’s Nobel Peace Prize award to jailed Liu Xiaobo, who was not allowed to go to receive the prize. The Chinese gov. said their internal affairs are being interfered with.

The, above, is what worked on m

telling your brain what to do, unknowingly. ---Aha!_

Nice to watch niceness get itself get organised. Always encourage them to take advantge of / do more for you. As Cromwell said place your trust in God, and keep your powder dry / praying is the most indirect way of telling your brain what to do, unknowingly. —-Aha!_

re missyjennyb’s ‘Employment Update’

A Salute!

It is the self-critic who is, whom I will stand before, salute, extend my hand and kiss on both cheeks the French way, since they cross front of the mouth, more…——and, if I can get away / when, take h’ to dinner and a long time tasting quality/healthy/ delicious, portions/potions, finishing with totally unalcoholic liqueur created when unsweetened sugar chrystals rain/stay on chopped ginger: no liqueur even close! One I did so admire was Ezra Pound. I referred to him cryptically, writing a poem on the
latest economic mess-ups, Bush In My Stream. But I stick to poetry. I get refreshed when I read his Cantos.

'god's 'nationality'? [from forthcomming 'the barfly wrote!?']: thanks, eon!

nationalities come from ‘nations’, where a strong man ’d led his followers to settle / grow under his/borrowed rules as though now they be fleas/lions to be tamed/performers (like that thinking that qualified every facet of life as that game) caught from the wilds: any/most of these to wild reversing almost automatically at the sheer impotence of law…

there’s nothing god in the series except those ‘strong’ men tried to determinedly impose their strong parts often mostly though making slaves of their weaknesses

god, born/recognised at such times such men felt ridiculous seeing stars, their followers researching ‘humility’ latterly, instead; projecting idealism (somewhere it must define this as ‘’idiot, dreaming, not even asleep’’, seeing how re-writings of such phases latterly read) drunke

tribute to Roz McQuillan "sweet dreams 2"

were i so engineered with gifts of that type i would architecturalise redbubble into the usual dimension lbh externally heist the place and run off with this piece alone leaving a note saying no gioconda smile --mine saw her smile different anyway as hid -- for me / thankee for the only flower that’s ever been read in the mode of the world is flat


wake her/me up

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