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It Wakes Rosemarie Who Knudges Me

ls it, a citizen, is as a nation thinks itself sitting at the U.N. , meaning protest, is no more than one optional reaction; a policeman, a disturbance, you can imagine, thinking to hinder/
discourage nation’s representative.

Is it, treason is, a private change-of-policy as if as when government’s trades with nations in which their citizens (soldiers inc.) died fighting (or otherwise) for less than 50 years --er…er…how many years does treason…?

The Nobel committee said the Chinese gov. should show
responsibility and allow citizens to freely criticize its gov., when platforming this year’s Nobel Peace Prize award to jailed Liu Xiaobo, who was not allowed to go to receive the prize. The Chinese gov. said their internal affairs are being interfered with.

The, above, is what worked on my usual Rosemary intake to recall the earlier questions while in school; while reading Time Mag. Vietnam War, backcopies. The Chinese gov vs. Liu Xiaobo, case, has the individual highly profiled, this time, much thought of, even envied, and as such re-opened the the thought about treason and citizens’ rights.

My interest is purely philosophical as when-when-when? / how-how-how? / in what particular way?

Boris Pasternak was not allowed to receive his Nobel Literature prize. Sarte refused to accept his Nobel prize (Lawrence of Arabia refused his war medal, incidentally). Now, one is asked whether one ’d receive one, before being officially offered one. Maybe I am mistaken. Some returned their medals when John Lennon received one: he returned his in protest at a later date. Idi Amin wore his whole chest full of medals! to(?) / outdoing all the others, I think, I remember the tattered Newsweek mag. state; remember my thinking of the kind of words not used to resemble reasons countries give for awarding their medals when some tyrannical ruler gives medals to himself. --Him? Hitler, was almost awarded the Nobel Peace prize shortly before the war. They said they had a last minute phone-call. There was everything good about Hitler in the book published before the war. England was talking about importing a Hitler to solve their problems for them.

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