I guess I’m kinda old and I like simple things. I started out on a farm with no electricity or indoor plumbing, went through college and city life and am now back on the farm. This time with electricity and indoor plumbing.

I’ve lived long enough to recognize that most of our new-found social conscience is another series of fads. Like most fads they use one or two good (often great) ideas and carry them to unhealthy extremes. For example, here in the Northwest, saving our salmon is important enough for the government to get involved. However, the homeless kids and families on the street are the concern of someone else. Homelessness is not popular, the environment is.

Children in general are not too popular in a social way, however alternate lifestyles are. Child welfare services can go adrift and be poorly funded but we will spend lots of time and money on adults that have a much better chance of taking care of themselves. We will fight and scream and curse for popular fads while we calmly watch people wander and suffer, and hope someone is helping.

And, I’m no help either. When I start thinking about how we get led around like sheep by “social conscience,” I start writing a pithy poem that will turn the public tide. I just know it will be a masterpiece. However, it turns out to be silly. I can’t help it. Maybe it’s because society is so silly and so my poetry is more factual than I know.

That’s probably it. I live in fantasy and the only truth is in my poems. You might as well enjoy them, it’s the only taste reality you’ll get.

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Why my poems rhyme

First, I grew up during a time when most poems rhymed. At least I grew up reading rhyming poetry. If you wrote lines of text that didn’t rhyme, you were just stories. If you were writing non-rhyming lines without proper subjects, verbs, objects, prepositions, adverbs, punctuation, and all of those other grammatical things, then you were a numbskull. / Secondly, poems that don’t rhyme …
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